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What did the Frenchman yell on the roller coaster?


On the day of Michael Jackson's death

The two paramedics arrive at Neverland Ranch to find Michael unconscious and not breathing.

The rookie says to the veteran "What should we try first?"

"I reckon the roller coaster."

Where do drinks go on vacation?

Coaster Rica

Coaster joke, Where do drinks go on vacation?

She asked if I liked my job after I told her I'm a roller coaster mechanic...

"It has its ups and downs," I said.

Man Gets Killed by Roller Coaster at Cedar Point

What did the black guy see when he went down the roller coaster?

His upper lip.

Life with me is like a roller coaster.

There's a weight limit.

Coaster joke, Life with me is like a roller coaster.

I was at an amusement park with my friends.

They all said the invisible roller coaster was great, but I didn't see the attraction.

Lost my Rolex during a roller coaster ride

Time flies when you're having fun

What's the difference between a paedophile and a roller coaster?

You have to be a over 5ft to ride a roller coaster

Daniel Gabriel gets in line for a roller coaster...

... the attendant says, "sorry, but you must be a bit taller to ride."

"It's okay, I'm *Fahrenheit*," replied Daniel Gabriel.

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What does an Indian-American say after riding a roller coaster?

I'm Desi.

My first time having sex was like a roller coaster.

I was terrified, I screamed until it was completely over, and at the end my Dad showed me the pictures of our experience.

Why didn't the Rooster go on the Roller Coaster?

He was chicken...

"You heard about the lady who died riding a roller coaster?"

"What? How?"
"Apparently the acceleration was too much for her."

A tinder profile pic with your ex is like a roller coaster sign: "you must be this attractive to ride."

Coaster joke, A tinder profile pic with your ex is like a roller coaster sign: "you must be this attractive to rid

Why can't you use the Bible as a coaster?

Because the Bible story doesn't hold water.

What type of roller coaster goes through the Bronx?

The type where people scream in the flat parts.

-Jerry Seinfeld

What's the best place to propose to a French person?

At the top of a roller coaster so on the way down they say wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Having sex with me is a lot like riding a roller coaster

It's over in about a minute and makes you want to vomit

Which Thrill Ride Does A Wine Glass Like To Go On The Most?

A Coaster

Did you know Helen Keller had a roller coaster?

You didn't? Neither did she

What does riding a roller coaster have in common with breeding rabbits?

They are both hare raising.

Women say size isn't important.

Try telling that to a midget that wants to go on a roller coaster.

What's the fastest ride at the carnival?

You would think it would be the roller coaster.

But really the carousel has the most horse power.

How did the roller coaster parks decide on the acceptable height for children to ride?


Optimist: The glass is half full.

Pessimist: The glass is half empty.

Mother: Why didnt you use a coaster

Recently, a kid was decapitated by a roller coaster while trying to retrieve a hat

Turns out he didn't need it after all

Me and John went on a roller coaster

As we are about to hit the loop-de-loop he looked at me and asked "do you think we will fall out?" "No." I said. "We have been mates for years."

What do English speakers yell when they're on a rollercoaster?


What do Spanish speakers yell when they're on a roller coaster?


I think it's weird that county fairs are being cancelled.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a *good* idea, but... I just figured that anyone who isn't afraid to hop onto a 60-year-old rusty roller coaster, that gets disassembled and reassembled 22 times a year by a traveling meth head with an allen wrench, while eating a deep fried stick of butter, wouldn't give a crap about Covid.

Did you hear about the new Roller Coaster at Disney World Florida?

It's called the Coronacoaster. It just keeps going up and up until everyone on it dies.

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