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The Best Coarse Puns

Had Irish 7 coarse meal for lunch today

6 pack and a baked potato. Was delicious!

American politics is like sand

It's coarse and gets everywhere.

I asked my girlfriend if the sand is too coarse.

She said, "Nah, it's fine."

When do you know that the wind is a pirate?

When it swears, because it's coarse air.

What emerged from the Olympic pools and wreaked havoc in Rio?

The Lochte-Mess Monster of coarse.

What do you call a basic university class on golf facility management?

A coarse course course.

I hate sandpaper

Just coarse

Why was nobody offended by the Carpenter's language?

To be polite, he only used Coarse woods.

What does your mother and sand have in common?

She's coarse, she's rough, she's irritating, and she gets everywhere.

Also, you can pound her.

What's the difference between a beard and an 18th century sailing vessel?

One's coarse hair; the other's a corsair.

Some women are like coarse sand paper

They're great at stripping!

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