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People keep thinking jesus will come back...

Cmon guys, he was tied to a cross, not a boomerang

An e-girl hit my dms and asked if I wanted to buy nudes.

I said nah I'm broke I don't have any money. She said cmon they're really cheap. And I said no Im still broke and she said pleeeeeeeaaaase it's only 3.50 and then I realized that this e-girl was about 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the protozoic era. I said dammit Loch Ness monster I ain't giving you no tree fiddy.

How many Hillary supporters does it take to change a light bulb?

None. cmon , they'd much rather be kept in the dark.

A group of people of all genders walk into a bar...

The first orders a beer... The second orders half a beer... The third orders one quarter of a beer... The fourth orders one eighth of a beer...

The bartender pours two beers for the entire group, and replies "cmon guys, know your limits."

What did the puppy say to the skeleton

Cmon, throw a dog a bone

What's the difference between a lover, a hooker, and a wife after twenty years of marriage?

Your lover says "Oooh, more, deeper, longer!"
Your hooker says "Cmon, cmon, let's get this over with!"
Your wife says "Beige! Beige! I'm going to paint the ceiling beige."

What did Kraid say to Ridley when he was revealed playable in Smash.

Cmon, Ridley, that's Norfair

What does Ernie say when his roommate doesn't want to go cheese tasting?

"Cmon Bert"

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