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Every time I put my key in the ignition, a light comes on that says, "depress clutch to start."

So I lean down and tell the clutch, "Everybody likes brake and accelerater better than you."

Why did the leper fail his driving test?

He left his foot on the clutch.

Why does Lebron James drive automatic?

He has no clutch.

Clutch joke, Why does Lebron James drive automatic?

Carl drives a stick

**Andy:** Carl, why was the clutch in my car broken after i lent it to you?

**Carl:** Well don't you look at me, i didn't even touch the thing!

My truck is a lot like Tony Romo.

It will turn over, but the clutch doesn't work.

You know what really grinds my gears?

Not using the clutch pedal

Five numbers walk into a bar...

... A Natural number (6), an Integer (-2), a Rational (1/2), a Real (e) and a Complex number (1-i) walk into a bar.

The first four clutch their heads in pain, but 1-i keeps going.

When -2 asks him how he walked through it, he shrugs and replies

"I'm imaginary".

Clutch joke, Five numbers walk into a bar...

What type of cars do chickens drive?

Hatch-backs with a clutch.

Purse dogs...

I've heard they're pretty clutch.

If you don't know how to drive a stick shift, just put a nail on the clutch.

It's sure to become an ow-toe-matic.

How many feet does it take to stop a car from 60mph?

Two - one for the brake and one for the clutch.

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Why does the motorcycle get sad when shifting gears?

Because the clutch is depressed

What do you call dry, flat area holding a purse?

A clutch playa

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