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The Best Clunk Puns

An old lady gets into a taxi

An old lady gets into a taxi (they're usually mostly Mercs here in Germany) and asks, what that star is for. The taxi driver jokingly replies

"That's a crosshair. I need it to aim for pedestrians."

A few minutes into the drive, a pedestrian ran onto the street and the taxi driver barely managed to evade him when he suddenly hears a clunk from the back. When he turns his head he sees the old lady grinning

"If I hadn't opened my door, we wouldn't have got him!"

I asked a genie for the ability to shoot microwaves from my hands...

Clunk. These are heavy.

What goes ha, ha, ha, clunk?

A man laughing his head off.

This is a joke translated from japaneese ...

Two men walk into a pub.

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