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Two chemists walk into a bar.

The first chemist, who had a major disagreement with the second and knows the second chemist only drink water, says to the bartender, "I'll take some H2O."

The second chemist automatically responds, "I'll take some H2O too."

The bartender shrugs then turns around and promptly gives the first chemist his glass of water, and the second chemist a glass of water too... because the bartender is an adult and can infer meaning from contextual clues.

What do you call symptoms of depression?

"Blues Clues"

An origami artist wanted for murder, has been sending tantalizing clues to police.

The investigation is unfolding.

Clues joke, An origami artist wanted for murder, has been sending tantalizing clues to police.

Last week, a burglary was reported at the fairgrounds

The burglars appear to have taken the bumper cars, the Tilt-a-Whirl, the spinning teacups, the Whirligig swing, the carousel and the Ferris wheel. Detectives have been searching the fairgrounds for clues, but report they still haven't found anything to go on.

$50k in hair extentions was stolen from a downtown hair salon,

Police are still combing the area for clues.

Somebody broke into the police station and stole all the toilets, but no clues were left.

The cops have nothing to go on.

(From my son) What comes after Blue's Clues?

Blue's Poos!

Clues joke, (From my son) What comes after Blue's Clues?

What do you call a Children's show with some Alcohol added in?

Booze Clues.

Did you here about the IKEA corporation getting away with having that guy killed?

None of the detectives could seem to piece the clues together.

She was upset when the Sunday puzzle's clues were wrong

She called the newspaper's editor, and had cross words with him

On Blue's Clues, Steve didn't leave to go to college - he was sent to prison.

He realized far too late that he shouldn't have brought Slippery Soap with him.

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What does the detective get on adding up the clues one by one?

The way to make odds even.

How did Steve get the clues?

Blew the dog

What do you get if you cross Santa with a detective?

Santa Clues.


Why did the detective have to bring a dog to help investigate a mans suicide?

So it could find the blues clues.

What do you call it when a thief steals something without leaving any clues behind?

Stainless Steal

Clues joke, What do you call it when a thief steals something without leaving any clues behind?

If someone stole Sherlock Holmes' magnifying glass, how would he search for clues?

Using watSonar

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