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What do you call two clueless, old men.

Presidential Candidates

If I had a dollar for every time I was clueless,

I'd ask where all this money's coming from.

It's a lot of rubbish when people talk about "how good" modern kids are these days with technology.

My grandson is staying for the weekend, and he looks absolutely clueless with my VCR and VHS tapes.

Clueless joke, It's a lot of rubbish when people talk about "how good" modern kids are these days with technology.

Mom! Mom! In school they say I'm clueless!

Sorry kid, your home is across the street.

I just had the most clueless Uber driver in Gettysburg, PA

He didn't even know the address.

What do you call someone who doesn't own a board game where you have to find a killer?

I don't know. I'm clueless.

I'm a clueless drinker.

I only drink on days that end with "why".

Clueless joke, I'm a clueless drinker.

What do you call someone who's clueless about breast implants?

Boob noob

What do you call a clueless baker?


The Professor asks his Student his final exam question

Professor: what is the punishment for polygamy?

The clueless Student thinks about it, then answers: two stepmothers?

The reason Patrick is always clueless

Is because he lives under a rock.

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What do you call a clueless ape?


Why are Saudi Arabians so clueless?

They're all living under Iraq

Overheard @ high school's red & white football game

Clueless freshman: "So, who are we playing?"
Crowd: "It's intrasquad!"
Pregnant pause.
Clueless freshman: "So we're still going to lose!"

Clueless husband

A woman was laying in bed with her husband at night when she said:"honey i m cold" , he said: "wear warmer clothes", then she said "i m still very cold" he responds "cover yoursef with another blanket" ,the wife who seemed displeased said:"when i was cold my mother used to hug me tightly and cuddle til we slept" her husband says in an angry voice:"Are you telling me we should bring your mother to sleep with us,why do you always say unromantic things in bed!".

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