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Funniest Clone Short Jokes

Short clone jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The clone humour may include short copy jokes also.

  1. A friend of mine told me today that he doesn't understand cloning... That makes two of us I said.
  2. My wife just told me she didn't understand the science behind cloning. I replied, "that makes two of us"
  3. I bet a lot of money that scientists will be able to perfect human cloning soon. If not, I won't be able to live with myself.
  4. I have finally figured out how to clone a human being! Needless to say, I am beside myself.
  5. I was double majoring in cloning and hide-and-seek But I had to take a year off to find myself.
  6. What do you get when you cryogenically freeze a genetic copy of basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar? An ice Kareem clone
  7. An irishman named Sean cloned himself multiple times but just couldn't stand being around the 11th one... There was ten Sean between them.
  8. If someone cloned me without my permission and then sat that clone down right next to me, do you know how angry I would be? I would be beside myself.
  9. Did you hear about the man who spent his whole life trying to perfect cloning technology? When it finally happened, he was beside himself.
  10. A guy tells his friend he doesn't know much about cloning machines His friend replies, "Well that makes two of us."

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Clone One Liners

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  1. I quit my job to start a cloning business and it's been great, I love being my own boss.
  2. I often say to myself, "I can't believe that cloning machine worked."
  3. My friend said he did not understand cloning at all... I said "that makes two of us".
  4. If I don't perfect Human Cloning... ...I won't be able to live with myself
  5. My cloning experiment is finally a success. I'm so excited; I'm beside myself!
  6. My son told me he didn't understand cloning. I told him, "That makes two of us".
  7. "I don't even know what the cloning machine does" Well, that makes two of us
  8. What did tornado say to it's annoying twin? Sigh, clone.
  9. What's a word that starts with "u" and ends with "w"? Cloning.
  10. A scientist asked if I would let him clone me; I said no, but he made me anyway.
  11. I often tell myself "You're lucky the cloning machine worked."
  12. My cloning experiments finally paid off. I'm so excited, I'm beside myself.
  13. My friend said. I don't understand cloning." I said. That makes two of us."
  14. "I finally understand how cloning works!" "That makes two of us."
  15. I just opened a deer cloning business... It's for anyone looking to make a quick buck.

Clone Wars Jokes

Here is a list of funny clone wars jokes and even better clone wars puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What is this sub's favorite TV show? Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • We should clone Terry Crews and arm his horde of clones to wage war on our enemies He could form the basis for a new milli-Terry
  • What did the star wars clone say to the other clone? "I missed Carrie Fisher before it was cool"
  • What would you call a war between China and Japan? The clone wars
  • What does George R.R. Martin call every star wars movie? Game of Clones.
    I'll show myself out.

Clone Trooper Jokes

Here is a list of funny clone trooper jokes and even better clone trooper puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What did the clone troopers say after they killed Aayla Secura? Bye Felucia
  • I saw a Battle Droid push a foul-mouthed clone trooper off a cliff.... ...he was arrested for making an obscene clone fall.
  • My wife told me she thought the clone troopers were kinda hot I told her she might have a Fettish.
Clone joke, My wife told me she thought the clone troopers were kinda hot

Clone joke, My wife told me she thought the clone troopers were kinda hot

Humorous Clone Jokes to Bring Fun and Laughter to Your Life

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Scientists are cloning John Lennon..

What if it all goes wrong and they clone millions of John Lennons?
Imagine all the people..

Found in the comments to the picture of a nice looking girl

He: "Could you please send me one of your p**... for me to clone?"
She: "You know how to clone people?"
He: "People?! God no! Just p**...."

A woman rubs a lamp and out pops a genie.

''You're a kind lady, so I'll grant you one wish,'' the genie tells her.''See this cat? I'd rather have a strong, handsome man,'' she says.The genie agrees and – p**...! – the cat turns into a Brad Pitt clone. The woman leaps into his lap.''Do you have anything to say before we make love?'' she asks.''Yes,'' he says. ''I bet you wish you hadn't had me neutered last week.''

Clones are people two.

Having s**... with your clone...

Is it i**... or m**...?

Why did Steve hate being the youngest clone?

Because all his genes were hand me downs.

They cloned a man without his permission. Was he angry?

He was just beside himself.

What do you get when you clone a cyborg?

A cyclone.

French scientists announced that they can finally successfully clone a rat!

Thank goodness! This will solve the huge rat shortage.

There was a scientist one time, and he went to talk to God

and he says, "God, we can now clone humans, make life, and take care of ourselves and we don't need you anymore."
God laughed and said: "You think? So show me, how you can make humans and life!"
The scientist agreed, reached down, grabbed a full hand of soil to start making his human, when God promptly stops him and says, "Whoa not so fast, use your own dirt."

You are what you eat... that's why I'm basically a clone of my girlfriend.

An Irish genius named Sean...

An Irish genius named Sean once discovered how to clone himself but was always hesitant to make more than 9 copies of himself. It turns out he couldn't handle the ten-Sean among everyone.

Some people clone professionally...

Some do it for re-creational purposes.

I was contemplating engineering a newer, more advanced clone of my brain...

But then I realized I was getting ahead of myself.

Did you hear? A psychopathic scientist cloned a guy, killed the clone, and made the original eat the clone?

He really was full of himself

What do you call a clown's twin brother?

A clone.

If you were to push a n**... clone of yourself off the Empire State Building...

Would it be m**..., s**..., or merely making an obscene clone fall?

Would you agree that it's bad for Facebook to steal users' blood and use it to create a clone army?

That's an interesting question that I'll have to discuss further with our team. Did you know I started this company in my dorm room?

If I made a perfect copy of myself

If I made a perfect copy of myself and then threw him n**... off of the top of a tall building, would it be m**..., s**... or making an obscene clone fall?

What did Patrick Stewart say when the clone he created to deal with trespassing Trekkies mistook him for a fan and threw him out?

Hoisted by my own Picard

I'm the first person to ever have a real clone

At least that's what I tell myself

My neighbor found out I decided to clone my tabby, just like he did recently...

He called me a copy-cat.

I successfully made a real clone that looks exactly like me

I'm beside myself with excitement.

What did Dolly the Sheep's friend say to her right after her clone was born?

Look, it's a little ewe.

Is it wrong to m**... a judge and replace him with an obedient laboratory clone?

Let's let this judge decide.

My wife left me because apparently I'm to paranoid

I'm ok with that. Rather live alone than with a clone

Why did the scientists clone Chance the Rapper?

Because people deserve a second Chance.

A real cliffhanger....

Did you hear about the scientist who successfully made an exact copy of himself?
Unfortunately it was very foul mouthed and crude, and the scientist grew tired of it, and finally got rid of it by pushing it off a cliff.
He was later arrested for making an obscene clone fall.

What do you sing when you kill Dracula's last clone?

"It's the final countdown"

I knew a scientist who was obsessed with figuring out to clone a person. One day he figured it out. He was so excited.

He was beside himself.

Did you hear about the boxer who fought his own clone?

The resemblance was striking.

Ever since I got cloned, my wife has said I spent too much time with him. Today, the clone and I were sat in the lounge watching TV, when my wife came in and told me that she was leaving.

I was beside myself.

What do you call a Kim jong un clone ?

kim jong dos

My teacher said we have the ability to clone we just don't know what kind of rights they should have.

I simply replied copyright

I made a clone of Patrick Stewart but something went terribly wrong.

The clone slammed me into a wall and lifted me by the neck. What could I do? I'd been hoisted by my own Picard.

My girlfriend was hurrying me along and asking when things were going to be done so I asked her if she was my clone from Moscow. She looked confused and said "No, why?"

I said "Because you're Russian me."

What do you get if you clone the vice president half a dozen times?


Did you ever hear of the Cannibal who figured out how to clone humans?

He's so full of himself.

I never believed that scientists could clone humans...

...but once they proved me wrong, I was beside myself.

Monday Science

I have finally figured out how to successfully clone a human…
Needless to say, I am beside myself.

Have you heard of the guy who bragged about how he ate his clone?

He's just so full of himself.

What did the clone-maker name his company?

Think a little hard you'll get it...

Clone joke, I saw a Battle Droid push a foul-mouthed clone trooper off a cliff....

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