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Funniest Clogged Toilet Short Jokes

Short clogged toilet jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The clogged toilet humour may include short flushing toilets jokes also.

  1. What's worse than having diarrhea and a clogged toilet? Nothing, please someone help me out
  2. I got so mad at these uncomfortable wooden shoes that I tried to flush them down the toilet. Worst clog ever.
  3. After using the bathroom, I accidentally dropped one of my Dutch shoes in the water…. Now there's a clog in the toilet.
  4. Did you hear about the guy who was held legally liable for clogging his friend's toilet? The judge determined that he failed to exercise "doo diligence"
  5. What's the difference between American women and French women? In France the perfect breast will fill a champagne glass. In America it will clog a toilet.
  6. relief Wife: You clogged the toilet.
    Husband: its your problem now
    Wife: How do you Figure?
    Husband: I have relieved myself of duty.
  7. toilet issues why did the dutch man have to get off the toilet?
    because it was all clogged up!
  8. My wife didn't like the wooden shoes I made for her, tried to flush them down the toilet. Now the d**... thing's clogged.

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Clogged Toilet One Liners

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  1. Captain's log... ...has clogged the toilet again. He really needs a change of diet.
  2. In Holland you aren't allowed to flush children down the toilet. Too many clogs.
  3. Found a wooden shoe in my toilet it was clogged
    saw on last comic standing
  4. Why shouldn't you let a shoe maker use your bathroom? They'll clog your toilet.
  5. I tried to flush a wooden shoe down my toilet. It got clogged.
  6. Why did the cheese clog the toilet? Because it filled it up with curds!
  7. My toilet got completely clogged... Wooden shoe know it!
  8. What always clogged the toilet on the USS Enterprise? Captain's Log
  9. Clogged the toilet using too much toilet paper. It's not the crime, it's the cover-up
  10. Chuck Norris can clog the toilet with his pee.
  11. Chuck Norris Clogs the toilet when he pees
  12. Just clogged up the toilet Wouldn't be the first time
  13. I was really on my game today. Then the toilet clogged. Now I'm all flush-t**....

Clogged Toilet Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A doctor's toilet gets clogged up

He calls a plumber. Plumber shows up, unclogs the toilet and gives the doctor bill for $200.
Doctor: $200? For 15 minutes worth of work? That's $800 an hour! I'm a top neurosurgeon in this city, 15 years of medical school, 3 years of residence, and even I don't make $800 an hour!
Plumber: Yeah. When I was a top surgeon in this city I also didn't make $800 an hour. Which is why I became a plumber.

A wife calls her husband.

"The plumber is gonna come in 7, to fix the clogged sink."
"Oh no. You think he's still angry at me from the last time?"
"What happened last time?"
"He said he's here to replace the toilet. So I p**... on him"

Did you hear about the mishap at the Asia Summit?

The Chinese government is seeking answers after the recent Beijing Conference. Apparently, several of Obama's and Putin's private bodyguards were the last to use one of the royal toilets before it was reported clogged.
Obama announced that he will ask congress to create a commission to investigate the incident while Putin denies that his forces ever entered the bathroom.