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28 cloak jokes and hilarious cloak puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about cloak that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Reveal a new territory of jokes with an invisibility cloak! This article takes a closer look at how an obscure disguise can be used to create some of the best jokes around. Learn more about the art of forgery and the power of the robe.

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Funniest Cloak Short Jokes

Short cloak jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The cloak humour may include short coat jokes also.

  1. My family branded me as a failure, then I invented an invisibility cloak. If only they could see me now...
  2. I almost got killed because my Superman cloak wasn't the correct size. It was a narrow "S" cape.
  3. Harry Potter's invisibility cloak was very effective for spying on the women of Hogwarts They never saw him coming.
  4. To the person who has stolen my 5 tonne concrete boots and my invisibility cloak... You can't run but you can hide
  5. The four horsemen were riding across the world, when Death decided to hit on Pestilence. He looks over at Pestilence, and with a tip of his cloak, says "M'alady."
  6. I must say that I completely support scientists working on discovering a real invisibility cloak. I just want to make myself clear.
  7. To a disabled person in a wheelchair, who stole my invisibility cloak: You can hide, but you can't run!
  8. I absolutely, unequivocally support any and all scientific efforts to create a real, working invisibility cloak. I just want to make myself crystal clear.
  9. Why did ginny make harry get rid of his invisibility cloak? He kept coming out of no where
  10. Why does the travelling hobbit always carry his elven cloak? When he goes to pee in the woods and he brings out his other *precious*, he still gets the feeling that there's someone eyeing him.

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Cloak One Liners

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  1. My girlfriend is a huge Harry Potter fan She always wears an invisibility cloak.
  2. How does the Grim Reaper keep his cloak so black? He uses dye!
  3. The Wizarding World is real! Come on dad, you can take the Cloak of Invisibility off now.
  4. What is a Romulan's favorite soft drink? Cloak 'a cola.

Invisibility Cloak Jokes

Here is a list of funny invisibility cloak jokes and even better invisibility cloak puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I just bought a half-price cloak of invisibility. The seller wanted to charge me full price.
    I got it for refraction.
  • What does the scientist say when asked if Invisibility Cloak will be applicated by the military? Yes, but you won't see it any time soon.
  • My friends and I were arguing about which of the Deathly Hallows was best: Cloak, Elder Wand or Resurrection Stone. Upvote for invisibility.
  • "You don't seem to understand, I'm really putting on a cloak of invisibility!" "Have I made myself completely clear?"
  • Hermione Granger: What can I wear that won't make me look fat? Ronald Weasley: An invisibility cloak
Cloak joke, Hermione Granger: What can I wear that won't make me look fat?

Happy Cloak Jokes for a Lighthearted Night with Friends

What funny jokes about cloak you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean robe jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make cloak pranks.

President Obama visits the Pentagon...

President Obama visits the Pentagon to test out the latest in military technology.
A scientist says to him "We have two projects that we are very proud of. One is a powered exoskeleton and the other is an invisibility cloak. Which would you like to try first?"
Obama replies, "Uh, let me be clear."

Count Dracula walks into a bar...

and asks the bar man for a cup of boiling water. The bar man quickly returns with the water as requested, and puts it on the bar in front of Dracula. Curious, the bar man says to Dracula "Forgive me, but I thought you vampires only drank blood, what do you want the hot water for?" Dracula takes a used t**... from his cloak pocket. "For making tea, of course" replies Dracula.

Santa's annual check ride

As the sled rotated off the runway, the examiner pulled a double-barreled shotgun from under his cloak and blasted one of the raindeer. He then turned to the perplexed Santa and said "Engine failure on take-off!"

You CAN decorate your sofa with pictures of Death in a hooded cloak...

But there will be grim repercussions.

Cloak joke, My friends and I were arguing about which of the Deathly Hallows was best: Cloak, Elder Wand or Resu