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Funniest Clips Short Jokes

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  1. How does the sun get its hair cut? 'E clips it!!!
    (My son told me that one. I'll be going now....)
  2. Watched an episode of a classic sitcom last night. The episode dealt with the topic of circumcision. I didn't enjoy watching it... I hate when sitcoms run clip shows.
  3. I love the TV show with all the different video clips of things going disastrously wrong all the time. What's it called?
    Oh yes, the news.
  4. My favourite TV show is the one that shows funny clips of things being destroyed and everything going wrong! Or, as some people call it...the news.
  5. I keep seeing clips from An Inconvenient Truth on my YouTube homepage... Must just be the Al Gore-ithim
  6. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania Q. What goes "Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop, BANG!! ClipClopClipClopClipClopClipClop"
    A. An Amish drive-by shooting
  7. An Amish joke for you... What goes clip-clop, clip-clop, silence....?
    A drive-by shunning
  8. What goes clip clop clip clop bang bang bang clip clop clip clop An Amish drive by shooting
  9. My therapist told me that if I have a problem with somebody, I should sever ties with them. My coworker just asked me what I was doing to his clip-on.
  10. Did you hear that the Great Flying Phoenix decided to get his wings clipped? Now he just goes by Joaquin Phoenix.

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Clips One Liners

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  1. Horseshoes look more like sandals than shoes... They should be called Clip Clops.
  2. What do you put in an oragami gun? Paper clips.
  3. clip clop clip clop clip clop BANG clip clop clip clop Amish drive-by shooting.
  4. What makes the sound 'Clip clop bang clip clop'? An Amish drive-by
  5. What goes clip clop clip clop bang bang? An amish drive-by shooting
  6. What do you call a Paper Clip that is not used for paper? Useless.
  7. My land lord stole all my cloth hanging clips She is a cliptomaniac.
  8. What was the name of the online barber? E-Clips
    .... Couldn't resist
  9. Why do they call it a 'roach clip'? Because the term 'pot holder' was already taken.
  10. Where does a book go to get a trim? Paper Clips.
  11. How do you reload a cardboard gun? With paper clips.
  12. What makes a clip clop clip clop peng peng clip clop noise? An amish drive by shooting
  13. How does the moon shave? Eclipse it.
    (He clips it)
  14. What wouldn't MacGyver be able to escape from using a paper clip? A desk job
  15. Why are aliens green? Because of the lawn clippings!

Video Clips Jokes

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  • So I've been watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare clips, but one video wouldn't load There was a problem with the server
  • TIL: amy winehouse spent the last moment of her life watching her own video clips on Youtube before her death. She must have read the comments.
  • Have you seen Bonnie Tyler's cardiology video? It's totally clips of the heart.
  • I saw saw a few n**... surgery .gifs with open-o**... operation. I don't really like surgery videos, but there's nothing I can do, totally clips of the heart.
Clips joke, I saw saw a few n**... surgery .gifs with open-o**... operation.

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He walks through the midday heat, an occasional shot clips through the trees overhead.

He and many men like him question their logic to sign up. They could be home, spending time with their families but instead they are outside, dehydrated, fighting a battle they probably won't win. Their frustration mounts as they realize it's nothing at all like all the games they played as kids.
He's on the 3rd hole of the tournament and he's already 7 over par.

Why are roach clips called roach clips?

Because potholders was already taken.
I know I know. Old joke.
Enjoy and be safe!

I found a DVD yesterday of manchester city saves between 2006-2016. Weirdly it had a Bonnie Tyler sound track.

It was called Totally Clips of Joe Hart.

Clips joke, Have you seen Bonnie Tyler's cardiology video?