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An unemployed engineer opens a clinic...

He soon goes out of business, since the field is over saturated due to all the unemployed engineers opening clinics recently.

Abortion clinics should be banned

Those doctors demonstrate a complete lack of humanity. Spawn killing is a filthy tactic.

Pro Life Tip

PLT : Avoid Abortion Clinics

Clinics joke, Pro Life Tip

You know what I hate about abortion clinics..

They really suck the life out of you.

Business idea

Souvernir Shops in abortion clinics - so noone leaves empty handed

Why don't abortion clinics have back doors?

If only their clients knew what the back door was for...

Have you heard about the recent abnormal growth in cancer clinics?

There are tumor down the street.

Clinics joke, Have you heard about the recent abnormal growth in cancer clinics?

What does Verizon wireless and abortion clinics have in common?

They both have early termination fees

People who are pro-life shouldn't protest clinics...

...they should be protesting cemeteries.

Credit to Bill Hicks.

People have started rating HIV clinics on trip advisor

The one time you don't want a positive review.

What do you call Planned Parenthood locations in Eastern Europe?

a-borsch-tion clinics

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What two types of people don't care about age,

Abortion clinics and necrophiliacs.

Why are there no fertility clinics in Arkansas?

Sooner or later they find a potent cousin.

Racist: What sign appears on abortion clinics in black communities?

"Crime Prevention Center"

You know what I hate about abortion clinics?

Women get the right to make a choice.

Why do abortion clinics make bad OP's?

... because they don't deliver...

Clinics joke, Why do abortion clinics make bad OP's?

Shouldn't conservatives advocate for publicly funded abortion clinics?

The waiting lines will become so long, the baby will practically be born by the time the mother gets to the clinic.

One of the perks of being Native American is the free healthcare clinics

all you have to do is walk through the Casino.

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