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When cops arrest a clinically insane person...

...are they busting a nut?

I know 3 people who are clinically insane:


I know five people who are clinically insane...

I'm two of them.

Clinically joke, I know five people who are clinically insane...

I'm going to start a charity for the clinically insane.

Gonna call it "Fundamental"

I like how when people in the Bible, like Noah, hear voices, it's "God speaking to them"

But when I hear voices I'm "Clinically insane"

Playing doctors and nurses with the wife in the bedroom last night didn't go very well.

Especially when I diagnosed her as clinically obese.

New frightening study released statistic that as much as 25% of Women are diagnosed clinically insane

Especially frightening because that means there is 75% walking around undiagnosed

Clinically joke, New frightening study released statistic that as much as 25% of Women are diagnosed clinically insan

Doctors & patients role-play in bed with the wife last night didn't end well

Things took a turn for the worse when her diagnosis came back "clinically obese".

how do you tell the difference between a psychiatrist and an evil mad scientist?

you can't! you're clinically insane!

What did the mother give to her clinically obese newborn baby?

A wide birth

Never ask google for medical advice..

Ive gone from a mild headache to clinically dead in 3 clicks.

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The urgent care center in town was torn down... was clinically depressed

When cops arrest a clinically insane person…

My primary physician is really great

She's clinically acclaimed

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