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Oregon leads America in both marital infidelity and clinical depression.

What a sad state of affairs.

The vaccine conspiracy

Linda had a heart attack and was brought to the emergency room while in clinical death. The doctors managed to revive her, but during her coma she saw a bright light and God appeared to her. She asked him:

"Tell me, God, is it true that vaccines could cause autism?"

"No, autism is a condition that develops during pregnancy"

After getting well, she met her friends and told them about her experience:

"Girls, I have awful news: the conspiracy goes way higher than we've thought"

What idiot decided to call it randomized clinical trial with placebo

And not trick or treatment

What is long, hard to handle and keeps her up all night?

Clinical Depression

Why was the clown crying?

Clinical depression

A horse walks into a bar, the bartender says "why the long face" the horse replies

"I have clinical depression"

What do you call a cantaloupe with clinical depression?


So I was part of a double blind clinical study...

So I was a part of a double blind clinical study of the effects of sugar pills on patients. Little did I know, I was part of the placebo group and was given Xanax.

I heard Stevie Wonder took part in a clinical trial....

He was the double blind

How do you cure clinical depression?

you walk out of the clinic

What is a clinical trial done in October called?

a trick or treatment.

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