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*It's raining penny's and quarters*

Me:WTF is this


How do you solve climate change?

Convince Republicans that rising temperatures are turning people gay.

How can we get Republicans to care about climate change?

Blame it on the poor.

Climate Change joke, How can we get Republicans to care about climate change?

I haven't always believed in climate change

But I'm warming up to the theory.

If Trump continues his anti climate change campaign and the provocation towards North Korea the only wall we will be building will be...


Why did the weatherman blush?

He saw the climate change

Anyone who believes in climate change just believes whatever someone tells them to. They don't think for themselves.

I know that because Alex Jones told me so

Climate Change joke, Anyone who believes in climate change just believes whatever someone tells them to. They don't think

What do climate change scientists and Donald Trump have in common?

Each is desperately hoping the other is a hoax.

Man made climate change is really annoying me!

I wish the jerks that keep changing the climate would just set it at 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round and be done with it!

What's the main cause of Climate Change?

Somebody lit the dinosaurs on fire.

Quarters and nickels fall from the sky...

Me: what is this?

Climate: change.

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Climate change is causing people to move into hilly and mountainous regions

According to one expert on YouTube it is plain unsettling.

αΈ±ley (Proto-Indo-European)-> κλίμα, κλίνω (Greek)-> clima (Latin)-> climat (French)-> climate

Climate change is man-made.

Kevin Bridges bus stop joke

I am a bus stop, ready on a bus, whilst a pleasant madman confirmed up.

He changed into throughout the road. He shouted β€œHoi u, Hoi u,…, Ai u ”.

Now whilst u are at a bus stop, at midnight, and a person instigates a communication with

β€œHoi u, Hoi u,…, Ai u ”,…, you type a,…,shite yourself!

You try to preserve your head down. Then the fellow shouts: β€œOi fats boy!”.

I’m status there, searching at the two different human beings on the bus stop. I’m looking to discern out their BMI!

But beside me had been those 2 thin pensioner types.

I wager this one’s for me!

And the fellow said: β€œFat boy. Give me a quid,…,or you’re getting stabbed!”

And I thought,…,a quid ? That is,…,pretty reasonable! Panic over!

I mean, I’ve by no means been stabbed, however I can believe it being really inconvenient.

You’d be blanketed in blood, need to visit the hospital, and be bodily and emotionally traumatized.

And here,…,we’ve were given a gentleman,…,providing me the threat to skip this sort of horrendous ordeal,…,

In this contemporary economic climate,…, for a trifling pound!

Now I’m a sucker for a bargain!

*coins falling from the sky*

Me: what is this?
Climate: change

Why are conservatives climate change deniers?

Because they want to melt the snowflakes!

Climate Change joke, Why are conservatives climate change deniers?

What do you get when a climate change activist creates computer code?

An Al Gore Rythym

How many climate change skeptics does it take to change a lightbulb?

None because "It's too early to see if the lightbulb needs changing".

How does Trump not believe in climate change?

He can't stop melting down

Hippopotamuses are seemingly unconcerned about the effects of climate change on their habitat

It's as if they lived in de Nile

Hollywood is really taking climate change seriously

Vin Diesel even changed his name to Vin Solar

Why is climate change good for shy people at parties?

It's a good ice breaker

Science: cowfarts cause climate change. Vegetarians: I'll have what the cows are eating.

Science: cowfarts cause climate change.

Vegetarians: I'll have what the cows are eating.

Is climate change leading to more wildfires?

Without a drought

I made a political joke up just now...

Given the current temperature of the political climate....

Do you think we can all finally agree on climate change?

What did the climate change journalist say to their boss when they couldn't find anyone to interview in the rainforest?

I'm sorry sir, but there are scant tree-sources out here.

I've had it with climate change deniers...

The global warming truthers are so anti-climatic!

What's the difference between climate change and obesity?

One's a worldwide problem.

The other's a wideworld problem.

Americans want change? They're going to get change...

Climate change, pocket change...

When they start getting the 5-day forecast right then maybe I'll listen to their climate change theories.

You don't see as many flower shops around these days.

I wonder if climate change is the cause of all this deflorestation?

What is the psychological evaluation of climate change believers?

Bye Polar.

What does the dust bowl have in common with global climate change?

Willful ignorance.

Most people in Tennessee don't think climate change is real..

But it's not really an educated opinion. Think about it, most labs here have the word meth in front of it.

I don't think there is much of an argument against climate change anymore.

Apparently it's raining doctors in Russia.

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