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I saw a climate scientist eating pasta out of a pink leather bowl

He was eating carb on dyed ox hide

What do climate change scientists and Donald Trump have in common?

Each is desperately hoping the other is a hoax.

ḱley (Proto-Indo-European)-> κλίμα, κλίνω (Greek)-> clima (Latin)-> climat (French)-> climate

Climate change is man-made.

Climat joke, ḱley (Proto-Indo-European)-> κλίμα, κλίνω (Greek)-> clima (Latin)-> climat (French)-> cl

What do you get when a climate change activist creates computer code?

An Al Gore Rythym

What climate scientist does Disney follow on twitter?

The rogue one

How many climate change skeptics does it take to change a lightbulb?

None because "It's too early to see if the lightbulb needs changing".

What do climatologists use to predict the global climate?


Climat joke, What do climatologists use to predict the global climate?

Why is climate change good for shy people at parties?

It's a good ice breaker

Is climate change leading to more wildfires?

Without a drought

What did the climate change journalist say to their boss when they couldn't find anyone to interview in the rainforest?

I'm sorry sir, but there are scant tree-sources out here.

I've had it with climate change deniers...

The global warming truthers are so anti-climatic!

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The climate in Canada is so cold right now;

Trudeau is trying to convince everyone that we should stop wearing Parkas, and start wearing *brrrqas*.

And you gotta shiver when you say Brrrrr.

My friend told that joke today at lunch.

Climate change will decrease fish stocks and have harsh effects on the fisheries industry....

So after Trump pulls out, there will be sea men all over the place.

What does a climate change scientist and a statistician dance to?

Al Gore-Rhythms

Climate Change in the Himalayas

It's a hot Bhutan issue.

Climate change joke: They say humans won't act until it's too late.

Luckily, it's too late!

Climat joke, Climate change joke: They say humans won't act until it's too late.

What did the climate change denier get on her IQ test?


What do Climate Change, Over-Population, and Corrupt Inefficient Systems have in common?

They don't exist.

Climate change really exists.

They're called seasons!

How about that climate change

More like climate please don't change am I right?

The Climate of New Zealand

  Teacher: Matthew, what is the climate of New Zealand?
  Matthew: Very Cold, sir.
  Teacher: Wrong.
  Matthew: But, sir! When they send us meat it always arrives frozen!

Climate skeptics and 9/11-truthers unite!

Alternative fuel can't melt steel beams!

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