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It's 2015. Bill Clinton is whipping up celebrity endorsements for Hillary with a Halloween party. He invites his friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger and suggests they go as dead presidents for the media. Too cliche says Arnie. What about dead musicians. Great idea. I'll be Coltrane. What about you?

I'll be Bach.

"The truth shall set you free" I tell my kids.

Then they usually reply "c'mon dad that's so tacky and cliche"

And then I laugh trying to get them to laugh

Then they start laughing

Then I laugh even more!

Thetruth is the pass word to their cages!


What's a cliche dad thing to do?


So I have spirit week for school and today is high school cliche...

So I had an idea on a cliche but I was contemplating wether or not to bring the props because it would make too much noise

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