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What do you call a smart knife?



Three men are captured by a group of terrorists, and are to be tortured.

They shout at the first man, demanding to know what his job was before he was captured.
"I was a butcher!" He says. The terrorists get a meat cleaver, and hack his dick off with it.

They shout at the second man, demanding to know what his job was before he was captured.
"I was a plumber!" he says. The terrorists use a lead pipe to beat his dick until it no longer functions properly.

They turn to the third man, but much to their surprise, they find him laughing so hard he's crying. They demand to know why he's laughing - to which he replies:
"I used to put together vacuums!"


June was sore.

She scolded Ward Cleaver.
"You were awfully hard on the Beaver last night Ward!!"


Nostalgia: What did June Cleaver say to her husband, Ward, in the morning?

Don't you think you were a little rough on the Beaver last night?


The inventor of the butcher knife probably thought very highly of himself

To be fair, it was a very cleaver idea


what kind of knife is used to perform female circumcision?

a beaver cleaver


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