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How Many Aerospace Engineers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Although the exact number is a closely held state secret requiring level 5 security clearance, I can assure you, that for $50,000, it *can* be done.

How is a bankruptcy clearance sale similar to Aquaman going to an undersea cinema with his girlfriend?

They're both liquidating.

I went to the store to buy 50ft of rope.

The guy at the store said "This spool of rope is on clearance for only $2. It's 500ft long."

"Nah man" I said "I hate long good buys."

Clearance joke, I went to the store to buy 50ft of rope.

Why did Larry and Curly apply for security clearance?

Because they were going to Gitmo

What is a poor man's favorite flavor of ramen?


Do you know what really grinds my gears?

When my maintenance guys fail to inspect them for the proper mesh and clearance.

Two truckers arrive at an underpass

It says "Clearance: 7 feet"

One trucker says to the other, "My truck's 7' 5"."

The other trucker says, " Mine's 7' 10" but I don't see any cops, let's go for it."

Clearance joke, Two truckers arrive at an underpass

What do you call a clearance sale of laxatives?

A liquidation.

Dating depressed girls is like shopping from the clearance rack.

You get way more bang for your buck

Were you on clearance at a previous time?

Because today, you're being extra.

My wife has allowed me to take a second wife...

...if I can get clearance document from Saudi Arabian consulate.

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"Alexa, how do you spell clearance?"

P R I M E      D A Y.

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