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Santa and Mrs. Claus have decided to break up

However, finding a divorce lawyer at the North Pole is next to impossible, so instead they got a semicolon.

They're great at separating independent Clauses.

There are no divorce courts at the North Pole,

so when Santa and his wife wanted to split up, they got a semicolon.

They're great for separating independent Clauses.

What is another name for Santa's elves?

Subordinate Clauses!

Clauses joke, What is another name for Santa's elves?

Who did Santa approach when he wanted to get a divorce?

The Semi colon. They're good at separating independent clauses.

My nickname in the North Pole is 'comma'

I had sex with Santa's wife and separated the clauses

What does an English teacher call Santa's elves?

Subordinate Clauses.

I dreamt I was being chased by a bizarre sentence with two poorly distinguished clauses.

So I made a mad dash for it.

Clauses joke, I dreamt I was being chased by a bizarre sentence with two poorly distinguished clauses.

What do you call Santa's little helpers?

Subordinate Clauses

Why did Yoda turn Santa's sleigh around?

Because he always reverses clauses.

What does Santa call his English Elves?

Subordinate clauses.

... I'll see myself out.

Where did Santa meet his wife?

Conjunction Junction. They specialize in hooking up words, phrases, and Clauses

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Why did Punctuation ruin Santa's marriage?

Because a comma seperates two clauses

What does a grammarian call Santa's Elves?

Subordinate Clauses.

Why is Santa considered a trickster?

His contracts always have hidden clauses

Santa's helpers are known as...

subordinate Clauses

Santa's workers don't want to be called elves anymore

They want to be called subordinate clauses

Clauses joke, Santa's workers don't want to be called elves anymore

If you're chased by two poorly distinguished clauses

make a dash for it

What is the linguistic description of sentences like 'ho ho ho' and 'merry Christmas'?

They are both santa clauses.

Show me Santa's helpers...

And I'll show you subordinate clauses.

Why is the Grinch seeking out a contract lawyer?

To help get rid of the Santa Clauses

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