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What game do lesbians like to play?

Clash of Clams

What did the Atlantic Ocean say to the Indian Ocean?

You need to be more Pacific.

*cymbal clash*

What's Imperial Britain's favorite game?

Clash of Clans

I am a gamer.

I play Clash of Clans

Tonight, two candidates squared off in a head to head clash for supremacy. One of these candidates has to come out on top. The loser will go home, defeated.

The winner will face Detroit in the World Series

What do you call a dinosaur who joins the band The Clash?

A StayGosaurus

Before becoming a singer, front man of The Clash, Joe Strummer, wanted to be a geography teacher.

But he kept telling everyone that London's Berlin.

Life is like clash of clans

The first 18 years are a tutorial and then after that it is pay to win

A friend of mine in law enforcement doesn't like The Clash.

I guess you could say that sheriff don't like it.

What's the difference between a mathematician fight and your mom's face?

The mathematician fight features a clash of sum

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