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Top 10 Funniest Clarkson Jokes and Puns

Why did Kelly Clarkson cross the road?

Because of you.

Jeremy Clarkson decided not to stay with Top Gear, but James May

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended. He must have done something that even the BBC find inexcusable

So that rules out child abuse then....

Here in Britain, we've got May & Hammond in the Government now -

All we need is Clarkson and we've got Top Gear back again.

I was looking at the menu in a restaurant wondering what the "Jeremy Clarkson Special" was

Then it hit me

Jeremy Clarkson beat Richard Hammond in the latest episode of the Grand Tour a race due to the downforce on the back of his car

Sorry, should've said it was a spoiler

What do Whitney Houston and Jeremy Clarkson have in common?

They were both on Top Gear.

Jeremy Clarkson is like Marmite


What was Jeremy Clarkson on during Top Gear?


May is the new British PM, Hammond is the new British Chancellor

Does that mean Clarkson is the new Minister for Transport?

Kelly Clarkson announces she is pregnant

Which is adorably news worthy for 2003.

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What does Jeremy Clarkson have in common with Amy Winehouse?

He can't do 'top gear' anymore!

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