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I hear Clark Kent is quite the overprotective father.

His children are under constant supervision.

My dad was babysitting my two children, so I called him later to ask how it was going.

Me: "What did they have for dinner?"

Dad: "Which one? Charlie or Clark?"

Me: "Charlie"

Dad: "Spaghetti"

Me: "What about Clark?"

Dad: "Spaghetti"

Me: "Ok ... So what time did they go to bed?"

Dad: "Which one? Charlie or Clark?"

Me: "Charlie"

Dad: "7:30"

Me: "And Clark dad?"

Dad: "Also 7:30"

Me: "If the answers are the same, why are you telling me them separately?"

Dad: "Well, I was the one looking after Charlie".

Me: "oh, who was looking after Clark then?"

Dad: "Me".

New glasses

"New glasses? They look super, man!"
Clark Kent begins to sweat.

Clark joke, New glasses

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark were walking through Montana when they met an Indian scout who offered to help them hunt buffalo.

The scout took them out in the morning and put his ear to the ground. After a while, he said "Buffalo come."

Lewis asked the scout, "How do you know?"

The scout said, "Face sticky."

Superman can fly.

But Clark Kent

What did Lewis and Clark only have one sack of on their expedition?


Super table

Clark Kent: *puts glasses on table*

Lois Lane: Is that our table? I don't recognize it.

Clark joke, Super table

Why did Clark Kent never have a babysitter?

Because he had super vision.

What's the difference between spider man and superman?

peter parker can shoot webs. clark kent.

I went to meet Bill Cosby and Clark Gable for a drink...

I forget the rest of the story...

The last time I went through a TSA checkpoint at an airport I was wearing my contact lenses.

The TSA guy looked at my driver's license, looked at me, and looked at his my driver's license again. He started to turn to get his supervisor. I said "if you want, I'll put my glasses on, I have them with me." He looked bewildered, but he cleared me through all by himself.

Now I understand the whole Superman / Clark Kent thing.

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My fiancΓ© said the funniest thing out of context today.

Lewis and Clark were so starved on their exploration, Sacajawea had a hard time understanding why they didn't eat Seaman.

As the nurse gave the newborn his first vaccine she said, You are lucky to live in a country where these are used,

Unlike Clark County, Washington

What do you call it when someone dies on the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Corpse of Discovery

How does Clark Kent's mom stop him from fighting crime all night?

She makes him sleep in his crib-tonight.

What interview should you avoid asking Clark Kent to give?

2:30 AM: A woman accused of robbing a large bank in San Francisco

6:00 PM: A man accused of scamming high rollers in Las Vegas

9:00 PM: A man accused of shooting two rival gang members in Los Angeles

The last one: Keep him away from the Crip tonight

Clark joke, What interview should you avoid asking Clark Kent to give?

A man was walking through town

A man was walking through town when he saw a crowd of bystanders watching a funeral parade. He asked a bystander what's going on. The bystander said that they're going to scatter the ashes of Clark Gable so he's truly Gone With the Wind.

TIL the first commodity traded across the USA was jaweia.

Lewis and Clark brought a sack of it with them on their expedition to the Pacific coast.

Why is Superman unable to do anything?

Because Clark Can't.

Lewis & Clark should get the world record for most picnics.

Why didn't Clark come to the class

Alice: Hey, why didn't Clark come to the evening class yesterday? It was our first class in this semester...

Bob: I don't think he's very fond of crypto nights.

Clark exclaimed "What's that? Lil Jimmy fell down a well?"

Lois replied"No, he was executed by an African warlord."

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