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Jack calls an ambulance for his friend who has been hit by a car

The operator asks for his location.

Jack says I'm outside 28 Eucalyptus Road .

The operator knows there is no room for error and for clarity asks, "How do you spell that?"

There's shuffling and sounds of straining at the other end of the phone. Jack? says the operator, concerned. More shuffling and grunting.

Sorry about that says Jack. I just dragged him 'round to 1 Oak Street

So, I saw Simba walking today..

and he was walking too slow. So I told him "C'mon! Mufasa"!

Edited for a bit more for clarity..

I met a girl named Clarity

She gave me mixed signals

While at the mall with my infant son, I was glad to see the men's room had a baby changing station...

…so I took the kid right in there and strapped him into it.

Imagine my disappointment when we left the restroom and he was still the same foul-tempered, demanding and inarticulate little brat I walked in there with.

[Edited for clarity]

I was in a Thai strip club.

After flirting with one of the workers, I suggested we go to the bathroom together.

"Ooo, what for, honey?" she winked.

I said, "Clarity."

I accidentally swallowed a contact lens today...

I've never seen my colon with such clarity before.

What's big and red and eats rocks?

A big red rock eater.

What's microscopic, green and eats rocks?


edit for clarity

I just asked About BF

Me: Did you Had a BF
GIrl : Yes I had BF
Me : Did You Had HD Clarity
GIrl : BLocked !!

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