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I came up with a clever strategy to get my girlfriend to like my wordplay-loving family....

....but she didn't fall for my punning clan.

How can you tell the clan of a Scotsman?

Look under his kilt, if it's a quarter-pounder, he's a McDonald.

what do you call a clan of barbarians you cant see?


Clan joke, what do you call a clan of barbarians you cant see?

I once hung out with Dr. Oz and the Duck Dynasty Clan...

...they spent the whole day discussing the future of the quacking business.

Why did Raekwon tha Chef get fired from his job at an oyster bar?

Cuz Wu Tang Clan got nuttin' to shuck with.

What do you call a group of Pigeons and Chickens?

A Coo Clucks Clan

If the Wu-Tang Clan started a cross-country shipping company, would you use them?

Nah. Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthing ta truck wit.

Clan joke, If the Wu-Tang Clan started a cross-country shipping company, would you use them?

What do you call an elite group of detectives that are comprised of hens?

The Clue Clucks Clan

Did you hear about the family of racist chicken detectives?

They're called the Clue Clucks Clan

What a group of musical chemists called?

Butane Clan

A low level member in a clan of cannibals gave some of his food... the leader of the clan, in order to gain his favor.

It cost an arm and a leg, but it was worth it.

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What's Pingu's favourite rap group?

Noot-tang clan.

I was trying to come up with a name for my group of mystery-solving chickens

Apparently the Clue Clucks Clan was already taken.

What would /u/doubledickdude's band be called?

The Tu-Wang Clan

Why are chickens racist?

They are all in the Coop Clucks Clan

What is the name of Dory's family?

The Blue Tang Clan

Clan joke, What is the name of Dory's family?

What would you call a clan for chickens?

Coo Clucks Clan

What's the difference between hiring a team to write your jokes, and the team of joke writers itself?

One's a cunning plan, the others a punning clan.

Who is Tom Sawyer's favorite hip hop group?

The U-Paint Clan.

TIL to never do magic tricks to rappers like Wu-Tang Clan.

Apparently they have some pretty Genius Methods for Inspecting your Deck.

How is a man who has a one night stand with a woman the same as a member of the Sheikah clan?

He busts a nut and vanishes.

What do you call a group of Racist Wizards?

The Horcrux Clan

I always eat at this fried chicken place, the Cool Clucks Clan

My only criticism is that they don't serve dark meat

I'm 24 and she's 13. She wants me - what do I do?

I've been playing an online game with a woman. I'm up to level 24, but she's only on level 13. She really wants me in her clan to help her level, but I cant find the heart to tell her that she's only going to hold me back from leveling up myself.

What is Dory from finding Nemo's favorite band?

The blue Tang clan.

I am in clan called neutrino in my favourite MMO

and we are unstoppable

What do you call a group of racists birds?

The Coo Clucks Clan

I am starting a club for middle aged women to gather and find younger men to take home and make love to in front of their husbands.

I'll call it, the Coug Cucks Clan.

What do you call a bunch of racist chickens?

The Who Clucks Clan

Did you hear about the idiot who had a pointless, irrational hatred of chickens?

He formed a group called the Coop Clucks Clan.

What do you call a furry hip hop group?

the uwu-tang clan

What was the headline when a former Ghostbuster's family dug a really long ditch in his home country?

A Dan, A Clan, A Canal, Canada

I am 38 and she's 11 , but she really wants me what should I do ?

I have been playing a online game with a girl for sometime now , she's level 11 and i am level 38.
She really wants me into her clan to help her level up but that would keep me from leveling up

The Klu Klux Klan is so stupid

They can't even spell clan right

What cult is run by birds?

The Coo Clucks Clan

What do call a Hip Hop group that consists of furries?

The Uwu-Tang Clan.

I'm in a gaming clan and our favorite season is Autumn

We're the Fall Guys

What do you call a group of racist chickens playing mystery board games?

A Clue Clucks Clan

Our clan has a tradition of naming our children after deceased family members.

We named our son "Grandpa."

What do you call a group of racist white chickens


I just killed a clan of chickpeas

It was a total hummuside

What's the difference between Team Rocket and Reddit?

Team Rocket always has a cunning plan, while Reddit is a punning clan.

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