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The Best Clair Puns

Why are clairvoyants called mediums?

Because they're not rare or well done.

I saw a clairvoyant laughing, so I hit them.

I always like to strike a happy medium.

A clairvoyant dwarf escaped from prison...

please be on the lookout for a small medium at large.

Keep your clairvoyant chipper [OC unless I accidentally stole this]

When I was a single man, I dated a series of psychics. For the first date, I brought a dozen long stem roses, and she said it was too much, and was angry. So for the second psychic, I brought nothing, and she too was offended. For the third psychic, I settled for a single rose, and I finally found a happy medium. (But in the end it didn't work out, she said she couldn't see a future together.)

The clairvoyant and her boyfriend got engaged after only two dates.

It was love at second sight, they said.

A man walks into a bar

His name is Nathan Abe (initials NA) and he is firefighter, a second later a arsonist girl named Clair Laurence (initials CL)walks into the bar. The two start to hit it off. Eventually they go home together, the next day the mans mom calls. She asks about love life. He says, "its kind of ironic bond".

A clairvoyant

A clairvoyant dwarf escaped Maidstone prison this week
Police are looking for a small medium at large!

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