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How much citrus does it take to kill a pirate?


How many citrus fruits does it take to kill a pirate?


What do you call assistants that help citrus fruit?


Citrus joke, What do you call assistants that help citrus fruit?

I once knew a rapper who used cannabis infused citrus as chewing tobacco

He spat some dope limes

A Punny Punderwater Joke

What do you call an underwater citrus?


You know what I think of submissive citrus fruits.

They are sublime.

Why does the yogi always meditate under the citrus tree?

It's a sublime spot

Citrus joke, Why does the yogi always meditate under the citrus tree?

Where do baby citrus fruits go to learn?

A lemon tree school

TIFU by getting kinky with a variety of citrus fruits...

Ive just tested positive for lemonaids.

Why you shouldn't have sexual intercourse with a citrus fruit....

You may contract lemonaids.

Instead of mistletoe, we should hang up green citrus fruits

so when you stand under them, you'll feel sublime.

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Two promiscuous citrus fruits have unprotected sex

They get lemon-aids

Did you hear the one about the sexually promiscuous citrus fruit?

He got lemon aids.

I have pretty strong opinions about citrus

I find the taste of lemons to be quite sublime

A man in Kentucky mixed together sweet tea, citrus juice and bourbon at a party

You were expecting a punch line weren't you?

A citrus goes to the doctor

The citrus tells the doctor he's not feeling well.
The doctor says, of course not.
You have lime disease.

Courtesy of my 6 year old.

Citrus joke, A citrus goes to the doctor

What do you get when you cross a citrus with batman

Orange justice

What do you call a citrus fruit underwater?

Limes are the best sour citrus fruit.

And lemons are absolutely sub-lime.

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