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The plastic straw bans now happening in many cities were predicted by a 16th Century prophet.

His name was No-straw-damus.

McDonalds to open Irish Pubs, "Mc's", in 7 cities

I like most ancient cities...

But I Constantinople.

Cities joke, I like most ancient cities...

How do cities decide who gets to be in charge of wastewater management?

They hold a runoff election.

Black Lives Matter is protesting the Twin Cities Marathon...

...there must be a huge race issue in America

An old couple went on holiday to Jerusalem..

...But on the trip the wife died. A local priest then told the husband that he had two options. He could get her buried in Jerusalem for $30, or he could fly her back to their own country and get her buried there for $200. The husband quickly said that he wanted her buried at home. The priest didn't understand this and asked the husband why he didn't just bury her in Jerusalem. After all it was one of the holiest cities in the world, and he could save some money. The husband then told him that long ago a man was buried in this city, and 3 days later he resurrected from the dead, and he was definitely not willing to risk that happening with his wife.

Cities in NZ

There is an Auckland and a Buckland. Seems like somebody was going for the alphabet. Good thing they stopped before C...

F and L would have been nice though

Cities joke, Cities in NZ

What do you call the rapid growth of Indian cities?


What does Godzilla do part time when he's not destroying cities?

He flips houses

Traffic shut down in many US cities today

Have you ever seen a angry woman drive?

The trump family is flying from New York to DC

Donald looks down on the cities below and says "I think I'll throw a 1000$ bill out of the window and make some american happy. Melanie says "Oh honey why not throw 10 100$ bills and make 10 americans happy?"
So then Ivanka says "Even better daddy, throw 100 ten dollar bills out of the window and make 100 americans happy?" To that the pilot says " Why dont you all jump out the window and make the whole country happy?"

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Where is the flu most common?

In cities with high levels of congestion!!

Heard of a theatre company called 'Sex in Each City'

Apparently they do four plays in all cities they visit.

If God had wanted us to fly...

... the airports would be closer to the cities

I like my wine like I like my medieval cities.


The founding fathers of Canada are sitting in front of a map filling in names for cities...

Pierre: "I suppose the capital there should have a name, too, me."

Gaton "ought to, uh?"

Cities joke, The founding fathers of Canada are sitting in front of a map filling in names for cities...

Dickens' a Tale of two Cities was first serialised in two newspapers

It was the Biscester Times, is was the Worcester Times.

I like my butts like I like my inner cities...

...with lots of crack.

Coin collecting seems more popular in the bigger cities, whenever i visit one i always have people asking me

"Sir, sir do you have any change?" Whatcha looking for fella a 1937 wheat penny??

What has rivers but no water, forest but no trees and cities but no people?

A map.

There are so many pigeons in major US cities

I wonder if they are planning a coup.

How do you get Isrealis to evacuate their cities in the case of an approaching hurricane?

Name it Cyclone B

Eli5: How does recycling in major cities work?

Did you know Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities was originally released as a storyboard in two local newspapers?

It was the Bicester Times, and it was the Worcester Times.

What do the brave men, and women who protect our towns and cities have in common with some very small bugs that get stuck in Edgar Allan Poe's hair have in common?

They're both Po-Lice.

* my wife kicked me out of the car shortly after telling you this joke. Crazy part about it is I was driving at the time.

People of New York, Los Angeles & Miami, did you know you are living in 3 cities at the same time?

The people on early Mediterranean cities used to enjoy using olive oil as "personal lubricant."

They really loved ancient grease.

Why did all the Indians leave Oklahoma?

Broken Arrow, Broken Bow, and Nowata.

(These are names of cities in Oklahoma)

TIL that the novel "A Tale of two cities " by Charles Dickens was first serialised in two black country papers....

The Bister Times and the Worcester Times

Why does American army show up in the American cities?

Did they find oil in them?

Why are modern cities all so prejudiced against ancient Sumerian cities?

They all have Ur-ban areas.

In Half-Life 2, European cities were renamed with numbers - e.g. most events are in City 17; there is also City 69, formerly known as


In the 80's we used to think in 2020 we'll have flying cars cities on other planets, blah blah blah....

But No! Here we are, teaching people how to wash hands !!!

Dickens " A tale of two cities " was originally published in two local newspapers.

It was the Bicester times, it was the Worcester times...

1980s European leaders Mitterrand, Brezhnev and Thatcher were flying around Europe in a helicopter, trying to recognize cities without seeing them.

Thatcher went first. She stuck her ear out the window and stated: "I can hear Big Ben chime. This is London!"

Next was Mitterrand. He stuck his nose out and stated: "I can smell fresh baguette. This is Paris!"

Last was Brezhnev. He stuck his hand out and yelped: "What... hey! Somebody stole my watch! This is Moscow."

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