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The Best Cited Puns

Breaking news: A teacher was arrested for carrying a protractor, a compass and a divider.

The cited reason for the arrest was: " He was carrying weapons of math instruction".

A dog gave birth to puppies on the side of the road...

She was cited for littering.

What do you call a highly cited epidemiology researcher with a social media presence?

An influenzer.

Did John Knott mind being the only cited author on his group's research paper?

Knott, et al.

The government forcibly took over

They cited Eminem domain

A dog was giving birth on the side of the road...

She was cited with littering.

Saint Nick got off scot-free from years of accumulated speeding charges.

He cited the Santa clause.

Violators will be cited....

Citers will be violated.

What does a works cited page and a teenage girl have in common?

A period in the wrong place can be catastrophic.

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