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How many Yale students does it take to change a lightbulb?

*One to hold the bulb up to the socket and wait for the world to revolve around them, three to scream at the circuit breaker and belittle it for controlling power, and eight others to console the first four while they tweet about how problematic this traumatic experience has been for everyone.*

My friend said she teaches circuit training classes..

I'll bet she's the driving force behind her students' motivation.

Why did the F1 Racer get electrocuted after finishing 1 lap?

Because he completed the circuit.

Circuit joke, Why did the F1 Racer get electrocuted after finishing 1 lap?

Electrical Joke

Dad was a Bell System engineer. I told him that he had put up with BS for 40 years. But that is not his joke. His was:

How long is a short circuit?

As long as it takes to ***find*** it!

Why was the circuit arrested?

Because it was charged with battery!

Which course did Hillary Clinton select when playing Mario Kart?

The short circuit

I got beaten up by a Jewish guy at a Formula one circuit today

I only said that I was a part of the Mazda race

Circuit joke, I got beaten up by a Jewish guy at a Formula one circuit today

I tried building a robotic midget...

but it had a short circuit.

Why did the electric car finish the race early?

It had a short circuit.

What did Denzel say to the thick wire entering his house's circuit breakers box ?

Mah main...!!

Two men were breaking into a high security software company...

They couldn't get their code breaker to work for the back door, so, in a last desperate attempt to short circuit the security, one of them peed on the access panel.

It began smoking, a couple sparks flew, and boom, the back door clicked open.

They looked at each other, impressed and relieved.


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I just fell in love with a girl who builds circuit boards for a living...

I just couldn't *resistor.*

I couldn't help but say "*Ohm* my word, you're gorgeous!"

We talked for a while, had quite an *amp-*le conversation.

We eventually went to get lunch and took her *volts-*wagon.

*Current-*ly, I'd say this relationship is working out well.

I swept *Kirchhoff* her feet.

What do you call a court of appeals staffed entirely by people under 5 feet?

A short circuit

Jesus on the dating circuit

Jesus: *hands woman a wine glass* "May I buy you a drink?"

Woman: *looks at glass then looks at Jesus* "This is just a glass of water."

Jesus: "Look again."

Why are Microsoft circuit boards so bad?

They use French resistors.

Where do two electrons race?

On a circuit

Circuit joke, Where do two electrons race?

What do you call a circuit board that identifies as a different electronic component?

A transistor

A battery and a light bulb were in a race. Who won?

None of them:
The light bulb was blown away from the short circuit and the battery gave up because it couldn't resist it either.

What was the circuit charged with?

resisting arrest.

Thought of this in electrical theory today. It's dumb, but I laughed to myself.

What do you call it when two robots finally start a conversation with each other?

A circuit breaker.

Why didn't the electrician allow his fellow gym-goer to work in?

Because he was doing a circuit.

An author signs up to do a lot of lectures around the world...

...but gets electrocuted after only three.

It was a short circuit.

How long is a short circuit?

As long as it takes to find it!

[Thanks dad]

A midget dressed up as a circuit board on Halloween night died

you could say he short-circuited

An electrician walks into intensive care

and yells: 'Hold your breaths, I am about to start replacing circuit breakers'

How did the electron get fit?

Circuit training.

If I travel to the Australia now, I would be in 2019

So that means if I circuit from same path around world, I would be in 2020 right?

How can you fix a short circuit?

Lengthen it

Why did the dwarf die from electrocution?

He was a short circuit

You're a rising star in the competitive masturbation circuit who's in LA for the WBC (World Bate Championships).

Don't choke.

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