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The Best Circlejerk Puns

What's the female equivalent of a circlejerk?

The View

My dad just told me I was conceived in a circlejerk...

apparently things got out of hand.

You ever hear the one about the super-competitive guy who joined a circlejerk?

He came in first *and* third.

(Ngaio Bealum)

What do you call a communist circlejerk?

Seizing the means of reproduction

I'm going to go against the Circlejerk here and say that I am really starting to like Mayweather

It's really starting to Warmup, without getting Overlyhot as it does during Midsummer.

Why wouldn't you laugh at punch lines in a circle-jerk?

You'd see them coming.

Threw this big party once and no one came.

Worse circlejerk ever.

I'm working on organizing a circlejerk.

It's coming together.

You know what the definition of "competitive" is?

Finishing first *and* third in a circlejerk.

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