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What's green and flies over Germany ?


This insanely corny joke brought to you by my Dad, circa 1990.
May he rest in peace!

I asked a girl in a bar if she wanted to go home with me.

She said, Do you have cable?

I said, I think the ropes will be strong enough.

(I wish I could remember the name of the comedian who said this, live in a bar, circa 1993.)

Congratulations to Prince Harry on losing his virginity

circa AD 2000. It's never too late to celebrate!

"Fake News, inevitably, will be the death of us all"

(~Napoleon Bonaparte; Washington Post Chief Editor circa 1612 A.D.)

What lives at the North Pole and takes Lithium?

A bi-polar bear.

[OC, circa 2005]

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

After extensive marketing research the Colonel concluded that the franchise would benefit from better traffic patterns on the other side of the intersection.

(from my grandmother's Reader's Digest circa 1988)

What type of batteries does it take to light up The Big House ?

Double-A (App St. vs. Michigan, circa 2007)

Was rooting for my friend who was collecting the works of a prolific ancient greek artist

found out the name of this artist is "Circa"

Eastman School of Music Fart Scale circa 1963 (no kidding - I did not make this up)

In order of increasing pitch:







What's the difference between Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain?

Neville Chamberlain takes a weekend in the country. Adolf Hitler takes a country in the weekend.

(First told circa 1938)

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