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What do you call a Jamaican man who has committed some sin?

A Cinnamon.

It's turrible I know, but I thought of it at the grocery store and had to share it.

What do you call a ginger with a yeast infection?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

What's another word for cinnamon?


Cinnamon joke, What's another word for cinnamon?



I tried to kill a spider with glitter spray...

Now it won't stop stripping and I have to call it cinnamon.

If I was a stripper my name would be cinnamon wanna know why?

Because I taste good but no one can handle a mouth full of me.

Cinnamon Roll

A wife asks her husband if they can start role playing in the bedroom to try and spice things up. Naturally, the husband is interested. Later that night, he finds his wife in bed waiting for him. "Well, did you decide what we're going to do?"
"Sure did! You're gonna be a cinnamon roll. Sit there, look hot, and I'll cover you in icing and eat you"

Cinnamon joke, Cinnamon Roll

So I bought cinnamon spray to numb my wife's mouth for sexual purposes. It doesn't work very well.

She woke up anyways.

I just saw a movie about cinnamon

It had some great cinnamontography

Toast at a Wedding

"May you live as long as you want and not want for as long as you live." That's an Irish toast.

"Cinnamon, eggs, bread, and maple syrup." That's a French toast.

What did the Jamaican priest call the guy who was arrested for sealing several tonnes of spices?

A cinna-mon

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What's Isis' favorite race?

The 100-meter daesh.

Q: What's Isis' favorite punctuation mark?

A: The em-daesh.

Q: How much cinnamon does the Isis recipe for gingersnaps call for?

A: Just a daesh.

Cottonballs is a great example of something I would buy but not want as a nickname.

Cinnamon buns, however...

Credit Dymitri Martin.

What kind of cereal do you find in a haunted house?

Cinnamon Ghost Crunch

What did Helen Keller say after she finished her bowl of cereal for breakfast?

I may be blind, but I can see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I recently switched over to cinnamon flavored toothpaste

so when I do brush my teeth, I can't tell how much my gums are bleeding.

Cinnamon joke, I recently switched over to cinnamon flavored toothpaste

Hey girl are you cinnamon....

.... cuz I love you in small doses but throw up when I have too much of you.

What did the the Jamaican daddy spice say to his son when he was being bad?

Your a cinnamon

What did the cannibal order at the bakery?

Cinnamon buns.

I cleaned the inside of my car windshield and I can finally see

Why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

I'm currently preparing for a role

It's a cinnamon roll.

What does an English teacher eat for breakfast?

Synonym rolls.

My wife was so proud of herself for thinking this up while eating cinnamon roll ice cream yesterday.

I broke the law in front of a Jamaican selling spices

He said I'm a cinnamon

What's M. Night Shyamalan's favorite donut?

The cinnamon twist.

So a cinnamon roll was saluting to the American flag

Talk about pastryotisim

Did you hear about Dwayne Johnson and the cinnamon bun?

They say it's rock and roll.

What's the opposite of cinnamon toast crunch?

Antonym toast crunch

You can use a cereal box to see the solar eclipse,

But can they see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

Big Brother can see every single facet of our lives, we truly have no privacy and no control over own lives.

But can Big Brother see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

My wife asked, if the Cinnamon Toast Crunch guys are cannibals why do they keep hanging out together...

I said, I think it's the same guy eating all the other Crunch guys, he's a cereal killer.

Someone stole a bag of cinnamon rolls when a vigilante appeared...

What do you call someone making trouble in a Jamaican church?

A Cinnamon

(sound it out)

Ok I might need a little help, I have been trying to make a girl

But I must be doing something wrong. I just keep ending up with a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch

What do you call a Jamaican spice trader?


Using a cinnamon stick to stir your eggnog isn't a religious practice.

It's egg-nog-stick.

Barista: "Would you like Synonym on your Chai latte?"

Customer: "Don't you mean Cinnamon?"

Barista: "It means the same thing, doesn't it?"

I just got laser eye surgery and I can't help but feel cheated

Because I still can't see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

People get upset when I call them synonym rolls and not cinnamon rolls, but I am pretty sure it means that same thing

I'm writing a stand up routine about my favourite spice...

It's a cinnamon shtick


Drunk guy: "Here's hoping you're in Heaven ten minutes before
the devil knows you're dead!"

Drunk girl: "What's that mean?"

Drunk guy: "It's an Irish toast."

Drunk girl: "Oh. Well, here's to bread, eggs and cinnamon."

Drunk guy: "Huh?"

Drunk girl: "That's

What do you call an impious Jamaican?


Three boys talk in the schoolyard:

Boy one: "You know, my mom's mouth is so big, that she can swallow a whole cinnamon bun in one bite!"

Boy two: "Whatever, my mom can swallow a panini with just one bite!"

Boy three: "Those are rookie numbers! My mom can swallow a whole floor lamp in one gulp!"

Boy one and boy two look at boy three with delusion, and ask him how he knows she can do it, boy three answers:
"I heard when mommy and daddy where talking with each other in the other room the other night. Mom whispered: "turn off the floor lamp, i'll take it in my mouth.""

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