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Son asked his father permission to marry

a son walked up to his father and said "Dad, I'm going to marry the girl next door,Mary"

the father smiled and said "No, son you can't. She's your half-sister". Angrily the son said "Then, I'm going to marry Cindy"

The father replied the same.

The son in utter disbelief when to his mother and told what happened.

The mother looked at him in a rather cunning way and said "you can marry whomever you want son. TheY'RE not your half-sisters"

I heard Cindy Hyde-Smith sent her daughter to an all white school...

...despite living in a majority-black city. Don't vote for her! What kind of a sick person would live in a black majority city?

Why does Cindy Lauper go for guys with bad jokes?

Because girls just wanna have pun.

Me: Have you ever heard of Cindy lou?

Other guy: Cindy Lou who?
Me: Oh so you have heard of her

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