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Just got a job as senior director at Old MacDonald's Farm...

I'm the CIEIO

What do you call the boss at Old McDonald's Farm ?


I got a promotion at the farm

I'm the new CIEIO

I got a new job today at Old MacDonald's Farm

I'm going to be the CIEIO

I'm going to be working as the senior director at Old McDonald's farm.

They've made me the CIEIO

My friend just got a new job heading up Old MacDonald's Farm.

He's the CIEIO

McDonald's fired CEO Steve Easterbrook has already got a new job at Old McDonalds farm

He's their CIEIO

I recently took up a new position at Old MacDonald's farm...

I'm the c-i-e-i-o.

I'm the officially the main owner of Old McDonald's Farm...

I'm the CIEIO!

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