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I was turned into butter once.

It's dairy important to me, it was a churning point in my life and I think I'm a butter man now

Pump a little harder.

There was once a woman who worked a farm with her daughter. The woman tried to teach her daughter all about the ways of the farm. Her first task was churning butter.

The mother would always have to remind the girl to "pump a little harder". She would find herself telling her daughter to pump a little harder so often, that it became the girls nickname. "Dinnnertime pumpalittleharder", "wake up pumpalittleharder, time for school!" Stuff like that.

One day a weary traveler came to the farm looking foor shelter from the storm. The woman let him in and told him not to go into her daughter's room. The man went to bed and woke up before anyone else. He went to see this daughter the woman had mentioned. He liked what he saw and laid down next to her.

After about a half an hour, the woman is awake and sees that her daughter is not doing her chores. She called out to her "Pumpalittleharder!, Pumpalittleharder!"

From upstaris the women hears the girl yell "I'm trying mommy, I'm trying!"

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