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-Can I have a Kit Kat Chunky? -Sorry, we only have normal Kit Kat.

-That's what I asked for, fat f*ck!

Kit Kat

A man walks into a petrol station and says, "Can I please have a KitKat Chunky?"

The lady behind the till gets him a KitKat Chunky and brings it back to him.

"No," says the man, "I wanted a normal KitKat, fatty."

What do you call a smoothie that came out too thick?

A chunky.
Credit to my dad this morning..

Chunky joke, What do you call a smoothie that came out too thick?

I like my women like I like my diarrhea

Brown, chunky, and on my face.

I like my women like I like my peanut butter...

Brown, chunky, and easy to spread.

Man goes to a petrol station.

It's night time and one of those serving hatches. Talks to the girl. Can I have a can of coke and a Kit kat Chunky?

Off the girl goes to get his stuff. "There you go," she says, "One can of coke and a KitKat Chunky."

"No," says the man, "I wanted a normal Kitkat, you fat cow."

'Can I buy a kitkat chunky?'

Assistant: 'Of course Sir' *hands kitkat chunky over*
Customer: 'No chunky, I want a regular kitkat'

(Sorry, first post, I'm not great at jokes)

Chunky joke, 'Can I buy a kitkat chunky?'

How did the man figure out his soup was too chunky?

He'd been chomping at the bisque.

I like my milk like I like my women


If my License Plates were milk

They would be chunky.

I like my women how I like my dog food...


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Am I the only one who finds jokes about Paul Walker completely tasteless?

They could really use some nice, chunky salsa to spice them up.

I went to a shop and asked the cashier, "can I have a KitKat Chunky?"

After the cashier came back with a KitKat Chunky, I gave it back to her, saying "I wanted a regular KitKat, fatso!"

What do you call a spoiled cow?


I've stopped going skinny dipping since I put on a little weight

Now I've started chunky dunking.

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