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How did Christopher Columbus find India?

He used Apple Maps.

Who does Christopher Reeve wish he could be?

Christopher Walken

What is Christopher Reeves' favorite band?

The Talking Heads

Where does Christopher keep his dance shoes?

In the Walken closet.

Why couldn't Christopher Reeve pay his landlord?

Back rent.

If Christopher Walken started a YouTube Channel...

If Christopher Walken started a YouTube Channel, and did tutorials on games, would it be called a "Christopher Walkenthrough?"

Why is Christopher Walken so tired?

Because at night, he's always sleepwalken

Christo joke, Why is Christopher Walken so tired?

What did Christopher Wallace say when he was mistaken for Tupac?

No biggie.

Christopher Nolan and Leo Dicaprio walk into a bar

and then they walk into another one

Christopher Reeve's life took a huge turn

he really fell off his high horse.

Christopher has an Internet connection but cannot surf the Web.

Because he's Christopher Nolan (NoLAN).

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If Christopher Nolan makes a sequel to Inception,

He should start at the top.

What did Christopher Guest say to Millie Bobby Brown when he gave her a dollar?

This 1 goes to Eleven.

Christopher Walken was walking down the street..

When a man stop him and said Are you Christopher Walken?
He said No I'm Christopher standing here, because you stopped me

It's much better when told in 1st person using your shittiest Christopher Walken impression

When is Christopher not running?

Q: When is Christopher not running?

A: When Christopher Walken.

Christopher Plummer got an Oscar Nomination for a performance he did entirely in reshoots.

Henry Cavill's mustache was robbed.

Christo joke, Christopher Plummer got an Oscar Nomination for a performance he did entirely in reshoots.

Why does Christopher Nolan not play multiplayer games?

Because he has no LAN.

How did Christopher Marlowe keep his writing secret from the other prisoners when he went to jail?

He separated the prose from the cons.

Did Christopher Columbus intend to find America?

No, it was occidental.

There was a little hamlet overseen by a man named Lord JesΓΊs de Vampirosos. He asked his knights to call him Christo, since he was a great reformer.

All the peasants were Christians.

Christopher Columbus is like...

...the person who comments First on a post even though they are not the first.

Christopher Nolan was directing a scene when the chopper Batman was flying suddenly burst into flames.

Nolan yelled, "CHRISTIAN, BAIL!!"

What's better than Christopher Reeves?

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is a wealthy, stylish dude

I wonder if he's ever had a pair of boots custom made for him.

Christopher Nolan's film about the war on the Drugs to release in July 2020.

To star Michael Cocaine and Christian Bail

What would Christopher Walken's name be if he had polio?

Christopher Wheelin'

Christo joke, What would Christopher Walken's name be if he had polio?

When Christopher Hitchens was on his death bed he called for a priest...

And converted him into an atheist.

Christopher Nolan always turns down the chance to smoke a blunt

He prefers a BONNGGG

What does Christopher Walken say to the driver that almost ran him over?

Hey, I'm Walken 'ere

Did you know Christopher Walken is a trained dancer?

And Ted Danson is a trained walker…

Christopher Lloyd is joining the Star Wars universe!

The ManDeLorean.

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