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  1. To all those that received a book from me for a Christmas present They're due back at the library today.
  2. I gave my Blind friend a cheese grater for Christmas. He told me it was the most violent book he had ever read.
  3. I bought my cousin, who is blind, a cheese grater last Christmas. He said it's the most violent book his ever read.
  4. Friends, just a reminder to those who received a book from me at Christmas... They are due back in the library this Friday.
  5. To everyone who received a book from me for Christmas. They're due back in the library this Friday, cheers.
  6. If anybody received a book from me at Christmas They'll be due back at the library in the next few days.
  7. Stevie Wonder got a cheesegrater for Christmas. He said it was the most violent book he's ever read.
  8. A blind person gets a cheese grater as a Christmas gift from a friend. A week passes and he calls his friend and says to him : " That's one of the most violent books i've ever read".
  9. Why couldn't Mary and Joseph get a room at the inn? Well it was Christmas....they should have booked ahead
  10. What's worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxi cabs!
    Got this from a joke book my niece got for Christmas. Most of them were groaners but this one actually made me laugh!

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  1. The wife says she wants a bigger house by Christmas. So I've bought her a diet book.
  2. I gave my mom a sad book for Christmas I told her to read it and weep

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Last christmas I gave my SO a book about a p**... that turns her life around and becomes an accountant.

It's "The thot that counts"

Because I try to be honest with myself, for Christmas I got my mom a book called "But, I'm Still Your Mom: How to Deal With Your Disappointing Grown Children"

Amazon says it should be here by the 29th.

Got this from a book I got for Christmas

h**... went to a fortune teller and asked her, On what day will I die? The seeress assured him that he would die on a Jewish Holiday. Why are you so sure of that? Demanded h**....
Any day you die she replied will be a Jewish holiday.

Dickens: I wrote a book about ghosts

**Publisher:** we need a christmas book
**Dickens:** *[adding, like, 4 words]* I wrote a book about christmas ghosts

Amazon is no longer a reliable marketplace for books

I ordered the book "How to scam people online" for Christmas and it still hasn't arrived.

Last night I was reading "A Christmas Carol" to my kids when I dropped the book on my foot.

It hurt like the Dickens!

My parents' Christmas gift for me.

When Christmas day arrived, I was so excited to open my gifts that I woke up before my alarm. I went down stairs and opened a thin, rectangular box. It was a book! The title read, Anti-gravity. I read that book the whole day as I couldn't put it down.

I've just ordered a book called Overcome Procrastination

I intend to read it over the Christmas holiday.

To everyone who received a book from me at Christmas...

They're due back at the library in two weeks...

I once saw the guy from fleetwood Mac pre-ordering his Christmas dinner

It was Lindsey booking ham

I couldn't afford to buy the Where's Waldo book for my kid for Christmas.

So I recorded a bunch of Trump rallies and let him try to find a black guy.

I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas. He said, "How about a book mark?"

I cried. He still doesn't know my name is Josh.