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  1. Just been banned from a Christian dating website. Apparently "Hung_Like_Jesus" isn't an appropriate user name!
  2. I got banned from a Christian dating site I suppose "hung like Jesus" *was* a poor choice for a username.
  3. Always date a Christian That way you can screw around through the week, and start anew each Sunday.
  4. What's the worst part about having a crush on a Christian girl? Having to convince two Fathers to let you date her.

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  1. I was looking for a dating website with lots of Christians So I joined Ashley Madison
  2. I joined a Christian dating site And got Holy Ghosted
  3. What do you call a Christian Mingle date who never returned your message? The Holy Ghost.
  4. Why do dinosaurs use Christian dating sites? Because they can lie about their age!
  5. Why are conservative christians against abortion? To provide for a larger dating pool.

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To Christians out there....

My tinder date said to me "I used to be Christian"...
I said to her, "Don't worry darling, I don't really care for those sorts of things"...
She replied "Thank God!"
"It's so much better now that I'm Christine".

Weddings by Christian denomination [super-dated but still funny]

At a Catholic wedding, the bride is pregnant.
At a m**... wedding, the bride's mother is pregnant.
At a United Church wedding, the minister is pregnant.
At a Unitarian wedding, the minister and her wife are both pregnant.
*Adapted poorly from a joke about Jewish denominations.*

looking for investors for my new specialty dating site

So I'm planning on taking advantage of the huge influx of specialty dating sites like farmers only or Christian mingle, etc... I'm starting a site exclusively for Indians. It's gonna be called, "Connect the dots."
(So who's in with me???)