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  1. What did the music teacher say when her students asked if they sing their favorite song? Of chorus.
  2. What's the difference between a 3-ring circus and a Las Vegas chorus line? One is an array of cunning stunts...
  3. Sometimes when I'm singing a song a get an urge to skip the chorus... But I always refrain
  4. Maybe It's You The debut album from the literal chorus of Taylor Swift exes.
    Available for download from iTunes soon.

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Chorus One Liners

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  1. Not only is Pop music disgusting by the chorus, but also per verse.
  2. What do you call a crazy song chorus about Chinese food? An Insane lo main refrain
  3. What does a chorus made of corn do? Sing in hominy.
  4. What is a hunter's favorite chorus of a song? Sweet snare of mine.
  5. I wrote a song about everything It doesn't have a chorus, just the universe.
  6. I got kicked out of the chorus line I was with. I just couldn't stay in sequins.
  7. What did the choir teacher say to the student who asked to use the bathroom? Of chorus.

Chorus joke, What did the choir teacher say to the student who asked to use the bathroom?

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Got the whole ice cream shop with this one:

While I was out with the family getting ice cream, the crowded shop had one of those awkward moments where everyone randomly goes quiet all at the same time - just as the confectioner handed me my ice cream.
I proceeded to ask Where does someone learn to make ice cream this good?
Confectioner - I'm not sure… the morning crew makes the batches
Did they learn at sundae school???
I could not have been prouder with the chorus of groans and chuckles that rang throughout the shop.

A priest was hiking in the woods when suddenly a mountain lion appeared…..

…. readyto devour the man whole.
The priest quickly falls to his knees, looks up to the heavens and prays, "Dear God, please teach this lion mercy and give him religion." A chorus of angels is heard as a beam of light shines down on the mountain lion.
The lion then drops to his knees, looks up to heavens and prays, "Dear God, bless you for this food I'm about to receive."

A man is spending his first night in prison...

He's laying in his bunk when the lights go out. After a few minutes, he hears someone shout, "13!" followed by a chorus of laughter.
Another few minutes go by and he hears, "27!" followed by more laughter.
"What's going on?" he asks his cell mate.
"Well, we've heard the same jokes so many times, we just gave them all numbers so we don't have to waste time repeating them."
A little more time passes and then someone erupts, "34!" to a few guffaws.
The man decides to try and join in by yelling, "19!"
He is greeted by silence. He asks his bunkmate, "Why didn't they laugh?"
His bunkmate replies, "You didn't tell it right."

I wanted to write a letter to the Governor . . .

opposing a bill being considered in the Virginia legislature. But with Gov Northram's facing a chorus of demands for his resignation because of his blackface photo, and the next two officials in line to succeed him embroiled in their own controversies, I wasn't sure to whom I should send my letter.
I finally decided the safest choice was to mail it to the Governor's Mansion, "Current occupant."

What is the difference between a chorus line and an acrobatic team?

One displays a cunning array of stunts!
Anyone else?
Whats the difference between a Ritz c**... and a lesbian?
One is a Snack c**...!

Kayne West was originally going to sing John Legend's recent hit song

But they gave it to John Legend after Kayne changed the chorus to: "Cause all of me, loves all of me. Love my curves and all my edges. All my perfect perfections"

Chorus joke, Kayne West was originally going to sing John Legend's recent hit song