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My wife and I do it doggy-style...

...she plays dead and I beg.

-Dan Chopin

What should pianists take with them to the supermarket?

A Chopin Liszt.

I went Chopin but I forgot my Liszt

So I'll go Bach home

How do pianists remember which groceries to buy?

They use a Chopin Liszt!

I went to buy some classical music today...

But I forgot my Chopin Liszt.

How does a composer remember which groceries to buy?

She writes a Chopin Liszt.

Which pianist likes deforestation?


Where do pianists put their groceries while they shop?

In a Chopin cart.

What's musical and useful at the grocery store?

A Chopin Liszt

Note: taken from one of those horrible "Joke of the Day" desk calendars. It took almost 12 months to get something clever.

What did the music composer bring to the grocery store?

A Chopin Liszt.

How was the pianist executed?

The Chopin block.

What do classical musicians write before going shopping?

A Chopin Lizst

(shopping list)

What do pianists use to remember what groceries they need to buy?

A Chopin Liszt.

What does a pianist say when they're chopping food?

>!I be Chopin!<

I just bought a piano off the TV.

It came from the Chopin Channel.

I was in a highbrow bar at the Ritz Carlton, and their Pianist was asking folks for requests.

I said to him, "Can you play an Etude by Chopin?"

He replied, "Which one?"

I responded, "The composer."

I went to the supermarket dressed as a classical composer...

Somebody asked me what I was Chopin for.

Why can Polish composers never make up their mind?

They just keep Chopin and changing

What do classical pianists take with them to the grocery store?

Their Chopin Liszt

He has the grocery Liszt

What did the musician say to his wife when he went out to the supermarket?

I'm going Chopin, I'll be Bach in a minuet.

Why did the musician's wife yell at him?

Because he went Chopin but forgot the Liszt, so he went Bach home.

What do composers prepare their ingredients on?

A Chopin board

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