Cholo Jokes

What are some Cholo jokes?

What do gay cholo gangsters and nerds have in common?

They love being in their homes and doing their essays.

What does Cholo stand for?

Chou Only Live Once.

What do you get when you cross a Mexican cholo and an ill tempered Irishman?

... a surprisingly stable person; according to my Homie O'Statis.

What do you call a cholo detective?

Sherlock, Holmes.

What does a patriotic cholo love the most?

You, esse!

What do you call a cholo investigating a crime scene?

Sherlock homes foo.

What hood was the Swedish cholo from?


How do you say "you only live once" in Spanish?


Why are Cholos good writers?

They have a lot of EsΓ©'s

Cholo Pollo

Q: What did the mama chicken say to the cholo chicken?

A: Pollo pants up...

Who is a cholos favorite artist?

Ay Wei Wei

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