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Funniest Chocolate Ice Cream Short Jokes

Short chocolate ice cream jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The chocolate ice cream humour may include short ice cream jokes also.

  1. Guy walks into an ice cream shop And says give me some chocolate, some marshmallows, and some almonds. The elderly gentleman working the counter says Careful son, you're heading down a rocky road.
  2. I've started calling my girlfriend names like custard, Ice cream, Pudding, Chocolate cake, or Apple pie. I'm planning to desert her.
  3. Did you hear about the ice-cream vendor found dead in his van covered in strawberry sauce and chocolate sprinkles? Police say he topped himself.
  4. The ice cream man was found dead inside his van. Covered in Hundreds & Thousands, Sprinkles, Chocolate drops and a Flake. Police believe he may of topped himself.
  5. I recently found an ice cream man dead, covered in sprinkles, chocolate chips and strawberry sauce. He topped himself.
  6. How is playing an online FPS like eating rocky road ice cream? Because at first you're chillin with chocolate and marshmallows and then BAM - nuts in your mouth.
  7. "I'd like two scoops of ice cream, please." "Chocolate or vanilla?"
    "Yes what?"
    "Yes, Sir, ice cream man, Sir!"
  8. A man was found dead under an ice-cream truck, covered in chocolate syrup and sprinkles.. Police think he topped himself.
  9. If there are ice cream trucks in the summer why are there no hot chocolate trucks in the winter?
  10. Two older men with Alzheimers walk... On the... Errrr... Beach?
    I, I dunno.
    The one is old. And
    Then the other one... goes
    And chocolate with fries.
    He wants to know...

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Chocolate Ice Cream One Liners

Which chocolate ice cream one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with chocolate ice cream? I can suggest the ones about vanilla ice cream and melted ice cream.

  1. I once saw a ghost made of chocolate and vanilla Ice creamed
  2. What's brown, sticky and runs down your leg? Chocolate Ice Cream in July!
  3. What did the chocolate syrup say to the ice cream? "I'm sweet on you!"
  4. I went out for ice cream and asked for a scoop of Forbidden Chocolate. They said no.
  5. what is homer Simpson's favorite ice cream? Chocolate chip cookie D'OOHHHH

Chocolate Ice Cream Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

What funny jokes about chocolate ice cream you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean chocolate jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make chocolate ice cream pranks.

A lady walks into an ice cream shop.

"Can I get a chocolate scoop on a cone?" she asks.
"Sorry, ma'am, but we're out of chocolate ice cream," says the man behind the counter.
"Oh, well then can I get a chocolate sundae?" she asks.
"We're out of chocolate," he repeats.
"Well, how about a chocolate milkshake?"
The man is frustrated at this point and decides to teach her a lesson.
"Ma'am, do you see the 'van' in vanilla?"
"Yes," she says.
"Do you also see the 'straw' in strawberry?"
"I do."
"Ma'am, do you see the 'frick' in chocolate?"
"There's no 'frick' in chocolate..."

Two men with Alzheimer's are sat in a park...

... when they hear an ice-cream van pull up nearby. Bob turns to Bill and asks 'do you want an ice-cream Bill?'
Bob says 'yes please, but don't forget the chocolate sauce.'
Bob says 'I won't forget, don't worry. Anything else?'
Bill says 'in that case, I'll have some chopped nuts on it too. Don't forget now.'
Bob says 'I won't, don't worry. Chocolate sauce and chopped nuts, coming right up' and
Bob wanders off in the direction of the ice-cream van.
After 40 minutes, Bob finally turns up with two hot-dogs. Bill says 'you fool Bob! I knew you'd forget! I wanted mustard on mine!'

An older couple is watching tv...

And the man stands up and says, "I'm going to the kitchen. Do you want anything?"
His wife answers, "yes, please get me some chocolate ice cream with sprinkes."
The man starts to leave, when his wife says, "Honey, are you sure you don't want to write that down, your doctor said you may need to in order to remember."
"no, no, I'm sure I'll remember what you asked for."
A few minutes later, he returns with fried eggs and toast.
His wife says, "well, see, you did need to write that down. You completely forgot my bacon!"

A disabled kid goes out to the ice cream man...

...and says, "Mithster can I've an Icth Cream??" and the Ice Cream man says "Of course you can, what would you like on it? chocolate sauce?, strawberry sauce?, a flake?" and the kid replys "It doethn't matter, I'll jutht drop it anyway"

Women can't say no to three things;

Shoes, bags, chocolate, diamonds, clothes, perfume, food, flowers, money, cosmetics, attention, romance, kindness, adventure, affection, unpredictability, confidence, humor, ice cream, shopping, free drinks..

My next door neighbour is a ice cream man, he went missing and we eventually found him in the back of his van covered in sprinkles, caramel, crushed oreos and chocolate flakes

Apparently he topped himself!

A man went to the ice cream shop and ordered a chocolate cone...

I'm sorry, Sir, we're out of chocolate.
Oh, that's too bad. I'll have a chocolate cone with sprinkles then.
I'm sorry, Sir, but like I told you, we're out of chocolate.
How about a chocolate/vanilla twist, then?
Let me ask you something. How do you spell the 'van' in 'vanilla'?
OK! We're on the same page! And how do you spell the 'straw' in 'strawberry'?
Right, and lastly, how do you spell the f**...' in 'chocolate'?
There is no f**...' in 'chocolate'.

A elderly retiree wobbled gingerly into an ice cream shoppe and carefully,

slowly climbed up onto a counter stool.
He wheezed for a minute, then ordered a chocolate sundae.
Crushed nuts? asked the server.
No, he answered.
Bad knees.

A woman brings her items to the resister

A woman brings five chocolate bars, a tub of ice cream, and some pregnancy tests to the counter
Cashier: "Ma'am, I don't think you need those pregnancy tests"

The little boy just wants chocolate ice cream...

A little boy walks into an ice cream shop...
"I want chocolate ice cream!" the boy exclaimed.
"I'm sorry we don't have chocolate", the clerk sighs "but I have this delicious strawberry and vanilla!"
"No! I want chocolate!" the boy cried.
"Tell you what" ,the clerk adds "can you spell 'VAN' as in vanilla?"
"Yeah! V-A-N", the boy proudly says.
"What about 'STRAW' as in strawberry?"
"Yeah! S-T-R-A-W", the boys says as he is getting annoyed.
"Now, what about f**...' is an chocolate???"
The boys screams, "There is no f**...' in chocolate!!"
"That's what I'm trying to tell you, boy!!!!!"

An elderly couple go to the doctor...

...and the doctor says "now that you two are getting older your brains aren't at good as they used to be and your memory will likely suffer. I would suggest that you start writing things down in order to remember them." Later when the couple was home they were watching TV when the wife stood up and said " i'm going into the kitchen, do you want anything?" The husband then replied "Yea i'll have a turkey sandwich." The wife said "okay" then when she started walking to the kitchen the husband said "honey, you might want to write that down like the doctor said." She said she was fine then disappeared into the kitchen for about a half an hour. When she Emerged from the kitchen she was holding a very large ice cream sundae with banana, chocolate and an assortment of other things that you would find on a sundae. When the husband saw her he said "honey!!! You forgot the Peanuts!"

A woman walks into an ice cream shop

A woman walks into an ice cream shop.
She looks at the selection and says "umm... I'll have a pint of chocolate ice cream please."
The guy working there says "I'm sorry ma'am, but we are out of chocolate."
She nods and looks back at the flavors, "Ok...well in that case... I'll have a quart of chocolate, please."
The guy looks back at her a bit confused, "No, I'm sorry. It's not the quantity, we are completely out of chocolate right now."
The woman says, "Oh ok... well then I suppose I'll have a gallon of chocolate ice cream, please."
The guy is bewildered. He responds, "Lady, can you spell the 'straw' in strawberry?"
"Umm... Of course, S-T-R-A-W"
"Very good. Now can you spell the 'van' in vanilla?"
She responds, "Well, yes... V-A-N"
He smiles and says, "Perfect. But now can you spell the f**...' in chocolate?"
She furrows her brow, "But there is no f**...' in chocolate!"
He goes, "I know, lady that's what I've been trying to tell you!"