Chloride Jokes

What are some Chloride jokes?

Sodium Chloride and Sulphuric Acid were in jail

Turns out they were in for assault and battery

Officer! That guy threw sodium chloride at me!

Police officer: That's a salt!

what do you call sodium chloride crossed with a poisonous writing utensil from out the sea

a salt with a deadly wetpen


I was making fun of some sodium chloride and

ended up being charged with aggravating a salt.

What do you call a weapon made of sodium chloride?

A salt rifle.

Why did Sodium Chloride get arrested?


what did the Copper say to the sodium chloride couple?

I'm taking you in for a salt

Did you hear about the guy who got pulled over?

The cops received a warrant and were able to search his car and they opened the glove box and ended up finding sodium chloride and a nine volt...

He got charged with assault and battery

A police officer is doing his patrol when he sees two men arguing.

He goes to approach, when suddenly it gets physical. The first man throws a packet of sodium chloride at the second, and the second responds by throwing a bunch of 9 volts at the first.

The officer arrests them for a salt and battery.

Did you hear about the sodium chloride with a gun?

They called it a salt with a deadly weapon.

What did the scientist say after attacking his colleague with sodium chloride?

That's a salt!

Did you guys hear about the kid who attacked his professor with Sodium Chloride?

He was charged with a salt.

I heard Sodium Chloride was charged with a felony!

Yes, it was a salt!

What do you call sodium chloride beating someone up with Bruce Lee's corpse?

A salt with a dead Lee weapon

What did the scientist who got attacked by sodium chloride say?

That's a salt!

I got accused of stealing Sodium Chloride today.

I took it with a Grain of Salt.

Did you hear that sodium chloride is now a crime?

They consider it a salt.

What's it called when you hit somebody with sodium chloride?


What's the difference between a drunken brawler and a lithium chloride power cell?

One's charged with assault and battery and the other's a battery charged with a salt.

My teacher threw sodium chloride in me

That's a salt

Why shouldn't you excite sodium chloride?

Because then you'll have aggravated a salt.

Why Were Sodium Chloride and Lithium Ion Arrested?

For 'a salt' and battery :D

Sodium and chloride had a nasty fight ...

They were charged with a salt.

How do you make a scientist laugh?

Throw some Titanium Chloride at him/her
(TiCl) (Tickle)

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