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Best Short Chlamydia Jokes

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  1. I have 100% solid proof that masks don't work! My wife went on a business trip and on the plane they made her wear a mask -- and now she has chlamydia!
  2. My girlfriend said she liked surprises. But you should have seen her face when I told her I have chlamydia.
  3. 5 second rule. If it hasnt been 5 seconds no bacteria has been transferred. So stop complaining ladies you could have gotten chlamydia.
  4. I've always said that college students are a lot like koala bears They sleep 22 hours a day, and 90% of them have chlamydia.
  5. A guy watches as his girlfriend struggles to park. he says to her "I think you should get tested." "why" she says I'm no that bad of a driver am i?" "No, I have chlamydia" he replies
  6. So my 12 year old son asked me what are Cooties. "Well son, when I was a child, we thought cooties were a germ only girls had"
    And then my son goes
    "So it's like Chlamydia"
  7. I really love the names Chloe, Mary, and Lydia, but I couldn't choose my favourite when my daughter was born So I combined them and got Chlamydia. It's just so catchy!
  8. Racism at its finest They asked a Scottish man
    "What is better for you? A Muslim or a Jewish?"
    He replied: the Muslim is better than the Jewish in the sense that gonorrhea is better than chlamydia
  9. Did you hear what happened to the private who got caught sleeping with his drill instructor's Chlamydia infected wife? He got an oily discharge.
  10. My doctor is trying to convince me I have a venereal disease... But I'm a Chlamydia Change skeptic.
Chlamydia joke, My doctor is trying to convince me I have a venereal disease...

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Chlamydia One Liners

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  1. I got chlamydia from a person with special needs She gave me the slow clap
  2. What's the worst kind of media? chlamydia
  3. When I am away from home, I sometimes get love sick... Well they call it Chlamydia
  4. Shelly sells seashells down by the seashore Shelly got chlamydia.
  5. What do you call a group of Chlamydia bacteria? An applause....
  6. My STI test results came back I have chlamydia but at least I'm staying positive about it
  7. Why do they call Chlamydia "The Clap"? Because you're so happy it's not AIDS
  8. I have gotten chlamydia so many times... It is a standing ovation.
  9. How do you treat Chlamydia? Take her out for dinner maybe.
  10. My girlfriend has a fire c**.... Or as it's scientifically known, "Chlamydia".
  11. What do you call a koala without chlamydia? A v**....
  12. What do Aids, s**... and Chlamydia have in common? Your mom.
  13. My girlfriend keeps telling me she's not a fire n**.... She just has chlamydia.
  14. Chlamydia is like w**...... Sometimes you have it, sometimes your friends have it

Chlamydia joke, Chlamydia is like w**......

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I have 100% legit proof that masks don't do s**...!

My wife went on a trip to her sister's.
On the plane they made her wear a mask.
Didn't do s**... - she got chlamydia anyway!

The doctor gives test results back to a man

I'm afraid you have Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Onomatopoeia, said the Doctor
The man asks, What's Onomatopoeia?
The Doctor replies, It's exactly what it sounds like

I knew it! Masks don't do s**..., and here's the proof:

Two weeks ago, my wife went on a business trip, and she had to wear a mask the whole time - and now she has chlamydia!

My doctor told me that I have syphillis, gonnorhea and chlamydia. On the positive side...


My s**... life is ruined

Yesterday my doctor diagnosed me with a disease which will ruin my s**... life forever.
Your probably thinking Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Aids!
It's much worse than that!
I've got arthritis in my hands!

An Irish girl came home with a depressed look on her face.

Her mother says "What's wrong m'deary?" Her daughter says "I've got a case of chlamydia.".
The mother says "Tis fine love. Put it down in the cellar. Your father will drink anything.".

Doctor: I have some bad and good news. First the negative—You have syphillis, chlamydia, and Hepatitis.

But on the positive side, h**....

I asked the doctor, "How do I treat chlamidia?"

The doctor's response: "Did you mean: ***chlamydia"***

Chlamydia joke, I really love the names Chloe, Mary, and Lydia, but I couldn't choose my favourite when my daughter

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