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Top 10 of the Funniest Chinese New Year Jokes and Puns

Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras and Valentines Day are too close...

I don’t know what to paint on my nails.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev comes to President Putin and nervously tells him to abolish time zones.

"Why"? Putin asks

" I fly to another city, call home and everyone is asleep, - I woke you up at 4AM in the morning, but I thought it was only evening, - I call Angela Merkel to congratulate her on her birthday and she tells me she had it yesterday, - I wish the Chinese President a happy New Year, and he says it will be tomorrow."

"Indeed" Putin replies "but that's only minor, remember when that Polish plane crashed with the president? I called them to express my condolences, but the plane hadn't taken off yet !!"

What day of the year are there no hackers on PUBG?

Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year joke, What day of the year are there no hackers on PUBG?

New Years celebrations are pretty wild

But Chinese New Year is its own animal

I don't like these Chinese New Year celebrstions

They tend to Drag-on.

Two siblings, a boy and a girl opens their Christmas presents

The boy received a football hat while the girl received a wonderful gold necklace.

The next year, the boy received a puzzle and the girl received an new wardrobe full of clothes.

And the next year again, the boy finds out he got a cheap chinese phone while his sister received an iPhone X.

So this year, after the opening, the girl says: "Haha! mom and dad loves me more!"

The boy replies: "Haha! I don't have a tumor"

chinese new years

2009. Ox
2010. Tiger.
2011. Rabbit.
2012. Dragon.
2013. Snake.
2014. Horse.
2015. Goat.
2016. Monkey.
2017. Rooster.
2018. Dog.
2019. Pig.
2020. Rat.
2021. Ox.

All served with rice or chips, bat and pangolin scale sauce £1.00 extra.

Chinese New Year joke, chinese new years

A woman calls her friend from a maternity hospital.

Do you remeber that guy from the New Year's Eve party nine months ago that was dressed as a Chinese?
Yes, why?
He was definitely Chinese...

A couple of friends are holding a joint party for Chinese New Year and Burns Night called Chinese-Burns Night

I wasn't keen but they twisted my arm...

China's time zone is 28 days behind ours.

"Chinese New Year"

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