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How Long is a battleship. True or false?

False. How Long is a man from China.

A man went to China.

He hired a prostitute to keep him company during the night, and when things got serious, she kept shouting a word in Chinese.

The next day, the man went to a golf course with a couple of business associates. They had a good afternoon until a person hit a hole in one. Everyone started shouting in excitement, and the man decided to join in, shouting the word he hears last night, thinking it was that of excitement.

Everyone turned to the man in silence. After a full minute of awkward silence, the one who made the shot asked "What do you mean, wrong hole?"

God made man...

Everything else is made in China.

How do you get the Asian out of a China man?

Spin him around until he's disoriented.

A Moment of Silence

Let's all spare a few moments of silence for the man who told his wife he was going to China on that Malaysian flight no MH. 370 and now can't come out of his girlfriend's flat.

The Only Malaysian Airlines Survivor

Please spare a thought and your sympathy for the man who told his wife he was going to China on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370...

And now can't come out of his girlfriend's apartment.

A man in China was killed by a group of underaged doctors.

He died by euthanasia.

How Long is a China mans name.

Thats a statement not a question.

A man is dispatched by the UN to investigate the quality of the democracy in China.

Upon arrival, he has a meeting with the chinese president. He asks the president:

Do you have elections?

The president seems somewhat uncomfortable but answers:

Evely molning

What was the name of the heaviest man in china?

Won ton

A Chinese man, a Mexican man, a black man, and a white man...

Are standing by the edge of a cliff. The Chinese guy says," This is for all my ninjas back in China." and he jumps off the cliff. The Mexican guy says," This is for all my amigos back in Mexico." and jumps off the cliff. Then, the black guy says," This is for all my brothas back in Brooklyn." and pushes the white guy off the cliff.

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A Scotsman, and Englishman, and a Chinese man take a hotair ballon ride over the UK...

As they take off, the Scotsman gazes down and marvels "Ahh my beautiful Scotland!"

As the cross the border the Englishman gazes down and says "Ahh my beautiful England!"

The Chinese man takes out a saucer, throws it over the side and says "Ahh my beautiful china!"

A man takes a trip to china

On his first night there, the man orders a prostitute. While in act, the prostitute screams something repeatedly in Chinese that the man does not understand. The next day the man goes to play golf. As the man lines up for a shot, one of the Chinese players he is playing with exclaims the same thing as the prostitute last night. The man turns around and asks,
"Why did you say that?"

The Chinese man responds with, "Sorry, you're just aimed at the wrong hole."

Did you hear about the tourist who got lost in China?

I dunno man, he just got disoriented

A man walks into a restaurant in Mainland China.

He calls the waiter over and tells him,
'That steak was rubbery.'

'Thank you for the compriment, sir, and have a rubbery evening!'

How long is a china-man?

Excuse the question mark, "How Long" is in fact a china man.

Son :How much does it cost to get married, Dad?

Son :How much does it cost to get married, Dad?
Father:I don't know, son, I'm still paying for it.
Son :Is it true, Dad, that I heard that in ancient China, a man
doesn't know his wife until he marries?
Father:That happens everywhere, son, EVERYWHERE.

A man wants to know the distance to travel from the US to China

So he calls the airport

Operator: Hi how can I help you?

Man: Hi yes I want to know the distance between the US and China...I'm thinking of travelling.

Operator: Ok just a minute sir.

Man: Ok thank you.

Man: Honey, it's only 1 minute!

A Muslim man went to China...

And went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. He orders his food and, being the faithful Muslim man he is, he wants to make sure that his food isn't pork.

He asks the waiter "Is this pork?" but the waiter doesn't know any English.

So instead he points at his food and says "Oink?"

The waiter quickly shakes his head and says "Meow"

A man in China is very angry at a colleague

And taunts him by saying that he's one in a million.

Why did the man from China get lost when he came to America?

He was disoriented.

Let's spare a thought for the Malaysian business man on flight MH370.....

who told his wife that he was going to China for a meeting and now can't leave his girlfriend's apartment.

How high is the china man joke

How high is the china man?
Yes, he is.

Did Japan conquer China?

Man, sure yeah they did.

A wise man buys his wife fine china,

so she won't trust him to wash it.

How Long is a China man

Met him once, nice guy.

How Long is a China-man?

I always thought he was Korean.

When a china man haves to pay what him name is ?

Ka Ching

With Xi now 'president for life', what's one thing a man in China isn't going to get any time soon?

An 'erection'

How long can a china man's name be?

Luke: Yes, master Yoda I've heard that one many times already.

My most recent

What's the name of the richest man in China?

Cha Ching

A business man called and had a question about the documents he needed in order to fly to China.

After a lengthy discussion about passports, I reminded him he needed a visa.

"Oh no I dont, Ive been to China many times and never had to have one of those."

I double checked, and sure enough, his stay required a visa.

When I told him this he said, "Look, Ive been to China four times and every time they have accepted my American Express."

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