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You think gas prices are expensive, have you seen Chimneys?

They're through the roof.

TIL chimneys can be used as conjunctions

They may introduce a clause

I'm selling some jokes about chimneys.

I have a stack of them, the first one's on the house.

Why have so many chimneys stopped smoking?

Because of hearth disease

(from my 6yo daughter)

How does Santa Claus remember which chimneys he's been down?

He keeps a log

My standards for chimneys are so high...

they go through the roof.

You think gad and electric bills are expensive... have you seen chimneys?

They're through the roof!

Chimneys joke, You think gad and electric bills are expensive... have you seen chimneys?

Why does Santa have such a hard time with chimneys?

Because he's Klaustrophobic.

How much do chimneys cost?

Nothing, they're on the house.

Did you hear Santa stopped coming down chimneys?

He kept getting Claus-trophobic.

A tale of two chimneys

What did the big chimney say to the smaller chimney?
You're too young to smoke.

What did the smaller chimney say to the big chimney?

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What do Bernie Sanders and Santa Claus have in common? (Dark)

They both have difficulties regarding chimneys!

Why was Santa sick on the day after Christmas?

A couple of the chimneys he went down had the flue

Why did Santa stop going down chimneys?


Why is St. Nick afraid of going down chimneys?


You know why Santa doesn't have any kids of his own?

Because he's always coming down chimneys.

Chimneys joke, You know why Santa doesn't have any kids of his own?

Why wont santa have sex with miss santa anymore?

He is to busy fitting in to all the naughty childrens chimneys.

What fear did Santa Claus get after going down chimneys to deliver gifts?


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