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Two bulls are standing in a field.....

..its a cold morning and one bull says to the other..
"It's a bit chilly this morning"
to which the second bull says
"I know, i might just go slip into a jersey........."

What is the opposite of Hot Sauce?

Chilly Sauce

If you are chilly, go to the corner...

It's 90 degrees.

Chilly joke, If you are chilly, go to the corner...

Do you know The perfect system to avoid condom accident ?

The perfect system to avoid condom accident,
use double condom with chilly powder in between,
if outer breaks she will know ,
if inner breaks u will know.

Three men are walking to the bar...

The first one says "It's pretty chilly out here, isn't it?"

The second one says "No it's not! It's Tuesday!"

The third one says "So am I. Let's get a beer..."

What do the Japanese call a chilly URL?

I went to South America and bought some frozen peppers.

Chile's chilly chilis

Chilly joke, I went to South America and bought some frozen peppers.

My girlfriend dropped this on me after some Tex-Mex last night ...

"I'm chilly"

She steps closer and takes my hand

"Will you be my con queso?"

And before I could even respond ...

"Sorry, was that too cheesy for you?"

Best joke I've ever made

*I open the door to leave the house*
Me: It's raining outside?
Mom: Yeah, and it's chilly; you might want a jacket.
Me: It's raining chili?!

Why was the small pepper cold?

It was a little chilly.

What's cold, hot and chilly all at once?

Cold chili.

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Two guys outside in a cold night.

There's two guys outside on a cold night peeing near each other. One guy says, "yup, pretty chilly". The other guy says, "thanks".

TIL that there are 10 species of penguins which occur in Chile

Turns out they like chilly places!

Two men sitting in a kayak were feeling a little chilly.

They decided to light a fire to get warm but when they did it sank, proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

A blonde crashes a helicopter

A policeman arrives shortly and helps the blonde out from the wreckage. "How did this happen?",questions the policeman. The blonde replies,"It got chilly so I turned off the fan."

I'm from a future where Trump won re-election and solved Global Warming

Just a heads up though, nuclear winter is a bit chilly.

Chilly joke, I'm from a future where Trump won re-election and solved Global Warming

What did the farmer say about his hot pepper farm in the mountains?

It's a little chilly.

What do you call a dog with cold knees?

a chilly knees dog!!!


That's funny...


What do you call a mint that's made out of peppers?

A chilly chili.

Your English accent is so cute say chilly chicken

Silly siken.

My girlfriend likes it chilly in the bedroom.

But honestly, im not a fan.

A black dude and a white dude are peeing from a bridge over a river

White dude goes :_"That wind is a tad chilly"
Black dude goes: _"Yeah that water too"

Cop spots a guy driving past with a South American plate. He's eating some kind of Mexican food and has no clothes on! He pulls him over and asks, "Where are you from? What are you eating? Aren't you cold?"

"Chilly", he replies.

I was a bit chilly and my dad told me to go stand in the corner.

The corner is 90 degrees.

It's ironic that chili is hot

**and not chilly**

Wife said looks like it's gonna be chilly again tonight.

I said no that's nachos.

After a plane lands, a man asks the flight attendant.

"Is it chilly outside?"
"No sir, I'm afraid we are in Buenos Aires."

What's spicy but cold in the winter?

Chilly peppers

My daughter just became a dad.

We had a chilly night recently, putting her to bed I asked "do you want covered with your bigger blanket?" She replied "no thanks, I don't need covered, I have insurance"

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